8.27.07 Connecticut Defenders v. New Hampster Fisher Cats

Connecticut gets the walk-off win (3-2) in the ninth! Yeah, Jake Wald (SS)!

Nick Pereira started for the Defenders and went eight. His mother sat behind us. I know this because she was taking endless photos with her giant camera and hollering, "Come on, NICK!" I also sat near the Norwich "cheerleaders", which are a couple of fans who really, REALLY like the Defenders.

Ty Taubenheim started for NH. Taubenheim has pitched for Toronto... not well, though. He is huge and menacing looking.

It was NOT card night in CT. It was bobblenight and no one I'd ever heard of. The park was not even half full, which is their usual draw as far as I can tell. I don't even know who to root for half the time. The AL affiliate?

All in all, with the industrial park setting and the minimal attendance and neither team in any kind of race... kind of an empty experience. Hey, the PawSox are out of town!

Yours very truly.

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