7.30.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Columbus Clippers (WAS) - The Chronic

Pawtucket takes it 3-1.

Righty Mike Burns started for Pawtucket. I don't this whole leaving him in the rotation thing. Burns pitched six four hit innings, giving up a run. He walked two and struck out four. Craig Hansen pitched the mext two innings and didn't allow any further runs to score. He gave up three hits and struck out five Clippers. Travis Hughes got the save in the ninth.

Lefty Chris Michalak started for the bus that crossed the ocean. He gave up all three runs in seven innings. Arnie Munoz pitched the rest of the game, keeping Pawtucket scoreless. Arnie also took one hell of a piss.

Hey, lookit! Jed Lowrie's been called up to Pawtucket! Lowrie hit a double. George Kottaras hit a three run homer which provided all the runs needed to win. I feel as though Kottaras' future in MLB is bleak. Alex Prieto also had a couple of hits. That scoundrel! He played second base so Lowrie could be shortstop. The infield is slowly changing...

For Columbus, former Twins dude Mike Restovich provided serious offense, doubling and hitting a home run. So, a solo shot, then? M.R. is a mountainous fellow who's been around a bit and has probably slept with a lady. Bernie Castro also doubled and probably waited a real long time to be batted in and it never happened. Second base can be so lonely and desolate. Second baseman are not the social, chatty types like the guys who play first. Ask Scott Hatteberg! You have to be a little mean at second because the runners are ALWAYS looking to wipe you out.

two things:
1. In all seriousness, David Murphy did a great job in Pawtucket and seemed like a super swell guy. I'm sure his teammates will miss him. But he really had to have known this was coming.
2. I've been to Columbus, Ohio! I liked it, it was neat!
3. PawSox are back in town tonight. I will have to miss it but I'll probably go tomorrow night. Tonight is replica jersey night, if you're interested.
4. Brandon Moss playing first base? Shut up! What happened to Bailey?

So that's it. This game was the one right before Schilling's final rehab start. I hate when major league guys rehab in Pawtucket because it overshadows everyone else's performance and the story becomes just about them. For most people, it's great. Not me. So I'm not talking about that game except to say that Pawtucket won.

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