8.13.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Syra-Lose Chiefs

Pawtucket wins yet again, 8-6 in ten.

Okay, quickly, for I have very little time. RHP David Pauley, who is allegedly the last nice guy in Pawtucket, gave up six runs on nine hits in five innings. Pauley walked a Chief and K'd three.

Edgar Martinez then pitched two scoreless innings. Abe Alvarez then got a couple of outs and was succeeded by Lincoln Holdzkom. Okay, who names their kid Lincoln? Probably the same people who name their kids Madison. Will 'Washington' and 'Hamilton' kids start showing up at day care centers soon?

More scorelessness from Holdzkom and Hughes. Usually if Pawtucket gives up this many runs, it's tears in the shower. So was their pitching bad?

Answer: I guess so. Righty Mike MacDonald also gave up six runs over five innings. So much for takin' it to the streets. Jordan DeJong then pitched three scoreless. So the game was tied at six. Enter the thuggish Blaine Neal, who is a former Red Sox great. You may remember him from a Tampa Bay Devil Ray brawl starring Trot Nixon. Neal pitched a 1-2-3 ninth, but Junior Spivey proved to be his undoing in the tenth when he doubled in Scales and Kielty. The crazy thing is that Neal WALKED GEORGE KOTTARAS TO GET TO SPIVEY. God, have these people ever heard of advance scouting? George Kottaras is a weak groundout wrapped in a big, shiney bow!

Bobbys Kielty and Scales both homered for Pawtucket. Ellsbury, Lowrie, Kottaras, and Spivey all doubled. Ellsbury stole a base. Kevin Cash pinch ran for GK after he was walked by Neal in the ninth and then stayed in the game.

John-Ford Griffin three-run homered for Syracuse. Chad Mottola had two doubles. Chad Mottola? He's STILL playing!?

being and nothingness:
1. Forgot to mention upwardly mobile Sergio Santos, who won the double-A home run derby earlier this year. Nice work, Serge.
2. The Chiefs once again made many errors... five in this game. Three by first baseman Kevin Barker. Oh, god, he must have been in BIG trouble after the game!
3. The Chiefs' ballpark is beturfed, but it's the last year for it. Come September, it's getting all ripped out and replaced by the real real. So let's all go to Syracuse!

No cheesy photos today. I have to go. Love you!

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