Please Welcome Our New Staff Members

Some Pawtucket (night) moves:

Joel Pineiro - GONE! and I never got to see him pitch out in the backseat of my '60 Chevy.
David Murphy - Maybe the Rangers don't seem so bad since he is a Texan himself.
Kason Gabbard - Adios. I heard he was emotional when he left. I never had a good thing to say about him personally but he did pitch well. We weren't in love. Oh no, far from it.
Zach Borowiak - back to Portland and working on mysteries without any clues.
Jacony Ellsbury - Possibly still tending to his groin on the disabled list. Woke last night to the sound of thunder.
Abe Alvarez - Seven-day DL with a strained oblique.

Jed Lowrie - Called up from Portland. One of the more well-known AA kids. He's trying to make some front-page drive-in news.
Lincoln Holdzkom - RHP who has to wear long sleeves at all times to cover his ink-stained forearms. Like, even in the shower and stuff.
Aaron Reza - Infielder called up from Lowell. Hey, I just saw that guy! He was a little too tall, could have used a few pounds.
John Barnes - Righty pitcher from Lancaster Jet Hawks.
Matt Sheely - Outfielder from Greenville Drive. We'd steal away every chance we could.

It's crazy that we've got these kids up in Rhode Island from low-A teams and whatnot. So my cat and I are pretty excited.

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Kim said...

Excellent job, weaving in the lyrics to this 1976 classic. I forget how lovely Bob Seger's hair was.