8.20.07 PawSox v. Syracuse Chiefs - Holy shit, it's August 21st!

RHP Mike Burns v. RHP Jeremy Cummings. Chiefs win finally 8-6.

Pawtucket really slapped together the pitching last night. Let's take a look:
Burns 3 1/3, gave up seven runs. Back to life, back to reality.

Abe "Babe" Alvarez, 3 1/3 (no runs).

Linc Holdzkom, 1 1/3. Gave up run 8.

Javier Lopez, 1/3 (four batters faced, though...gave up a hit and a walk. Effective!)

Edgar Martinez, 2/3. Got out of Lopez' mess.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Cummings pitched 5 1/3 and gave up four runs on ten hits. Nice job, PawSox. Other Chiefs who pitched: Gronkiewicz, Houston, Sauerbeck.

George Kottaras had two solo home runs. This enrages me for some reason. John Hattig and Ryan Roberts each had homers for Syr.

I'm glad I missed this game. It sounds perfectly awful.

I'll be at the park tonight for more Chiefiness and autographs and whatnot.

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