6.30.09 Syracuse @ Pawtucket - Murder at Ben Mondor Way

Chiefs win, 12-0. Because Marco Estrada is a 24-year-old lefty with a mean mug and a huge ass. Except he's a righty with an average build and soulful eyes. I'm pretty sure he went to school with Abe Alvarez at Long Beach State, too.

Enrique Gonzalez pitched five innings and gave up eight runs on twelve hits. He also walked three guys. He could have given up one run or a hundred runs, but what does it matter if Pawtucket doesn't score? Gonzalez is not the problem.

Rocky Cherry pitched a couple of innings. Three singles, three walks, and a balk translated into two additional Syracuse runs. Randor Bierd pitched a two-run inning. Only Vaquedano made any sense in a world filled with Maroon 5 and $30 flip-flops: He pitched a perfect ninth.

Considering the Chiefs scored 12 runs, you'd think there would be a home run in there somewhere. WRONG! Aside from three doubles and a triple (tough guy Seth Bynum), Syracuse just chipped the shit out of Pawtucket pitching. Nine walks and THIRTEEN singles. A balk, but NO stolen bases.

Guzman, Natale, and Velazquez all hit a single. That is the extent of Pawtucket's offensive output. They should form a tree house club and not let Chris Carter or Aaron Bates in.

I think that about covers it.

Two things:
1. When Syracuse brought in pitcher Jorge Sosa in the eighth, they moved designated hitter Mike Vento over to first base to replace hulking Brad Eldred. Sosa batted for himself in the ninth and drew a walk from Randor Bierd. Damn, Randor. Also: Damn, Eldred. What did you do?
2. It's also worth noting that Sosa's an NL pitcher and can likely figger it out at the plate.
3. Gil Velazquez made his 12th error! He's already passed his 2008 total of 11. My blatant favoritism will not allow me to be critical of Velazquez, who I consider nearly untouchable.
4. No one on the PawSox walked last night.

See you tomorrow.

A Ryan Westmoreland Story

I met this guy about a week ago who was Ryan Westmoreland's teacher in high school. Mr. (History?) Teacher said that Ryan was a wonderful kid and truly deserved his success. He couldn't say enough about him. I'm sorry that's not a particularly interesting story, but that's all I have.

The teacher also talked about the ballpark in Newport, Rhode Island. It's called Cardines Field and it is so teeny (285 to right, by gum)! The Newport Gulls play there. They are part of the New England Collegiate Baseball League.

I have never been there but I have plenty of time. Maybe I'll go on my 50th birthday or in the year 2525.

Meantime, Bingo Cake!

Baby Chris Carter is defensive.

"As a matter of fact, I AM trying to screw myself into the ground. Hey, who has more home runs, me or Ortiz? ME OR ORTIZ?"

6.29.09 PawSox v Syracuse Chiefs - Bubba Didn't Do It!

Pawtucket WINS! 6-5 in 14 innings. Bubba Bell was a freaking disaster, going 0-6 with 4 K's. I mean that in a supportive, motherly way.

Michael Bowden was as sharp as a pound of wet leather for Pawtucket. Bowden couldn't quite get out of the fourth inning... Jose Vaquedano had to finish the job. YEAH! Like a REAL man!

Bowden threw 87 pitches through 4 2/3 innings, 57 for strikes. He gave up four runs on eight hits, including back-to-back homers in the first. And oh my god... you should have seen the bullpen. Okay, so Vaquedano gave up one run... it wasn't even earned! Lopez, McBeth (Bad. Ass.), Cabrera, Jones and Traber. Hunter Jones and Billy Traber tackled two innings apiece.

But on the flip side, hey... Syracuse's bullpen hung tight as well! Wil Ledezma, Preston Larrison, Cory Doyne, and Saul Rivera provided seven scoreless innings of relief.

JD Martin started for Syracuse and was responsible, somewhat, for the first five Pawtucket runs. Only one of those was earned. The Syracuse fielders made four errors during Martin's pitching tenure! WHAT. Must have been a tense bus ride back to the hotel.

And so, from innings seven to 14, it was a battle of the bullpens (sorry, bad cliche, I wonder which media outlet will use this first?). Bottom of the 14th: Chiefs righty Jason Bergmann comes out to pitch. He strikes out Bubba Bell (not an exclusive club). He walks new kid Mark Wagner. It's all too beautiful!

With Wagner on first, Travis Denker steps in and doubles like a mofo. I mean, this ball was back at the wall... under different circumstances, it could have been a triple. It was almost exactly midnight. And they were so happy!

put it in me, Travis:
1. Javier Lopez is looking much better lately. I am coming back around.
2. Freddie Guzman... unstoppable. In the first inning, Chiefs starter JD Martin threw over to first to try and pick off Guzman, who'd singled. It didn't work out, and Guzman advanced... to third! He freaking tore around second base and grabbed third! BALLSY.
3. Lineup change! Jeff Bailey FINALLY dropped in the batting order. He hit second. And check this out: Bailey's slugging last year was .562. So far this year it's .433.
4. Gil Velazquez made his team-leading 11th error.
5. Chiefs outfielder Justin Maxwell was a double shy of the cycle. This kid is insane. The Nationals have a for real champ in triple-A.
6. Bowden is not getting deep into games: Enrique Gonzalez, Buchholz, and Zink have all pitched more innings.
7. Which got me to thinking: This PawSox rotation is weakish. Aside from Buchholz, that is. And so... maybe Rocky Cherry could start? Don't answer that.
8. Mark Wagner got his first triple-A start! He was visibly nervous and allowed five stolen bases, but other than that...
9. Chris Carter hit a home run in the sixth to tie the game. Good job, Chris Carter.
10. Five hours ballgame and I stayed for the whole thing. Do you see how I bleed for you? THERE IS NO ONE DOING WHAT I DO!!!!

Tomorrow! Please enjoy Enrique Gonzalez v Marco Estrada. Then the Yankees come and we have to land helicopters on the field and let the whirling blades decapitate them.



6.28.09 Pawtucket v Syracuse Chiefs (WAS) - LOL!

The Chiefs, who have nothing to do with Native Americans (it's a choo-choo train connection, I think), take it from the Red Sox. 6-2.

Charlie Zink... damn, he's still here? Zink's problem was eight hits and two walks through six innings. Somehow, some way he only gave up four runs. Syracuse cared enough to leave ten runners on base.

Zink's difficulties were immediately apparent, since he kicked the game off by allowing a single to Jorge Padilla... and then pegging the next batter. Patterson and Eldred the Giant followed that shit up with consecutive singles, scoring Padilla.

A double play (scoring Maxwell from third) and a ground out wrapped up the first inning for Zink. CZ kicked off the second inning with two quick outs, but then loaded the bases with two singles and a walk. Corey Patterson singled again to score the third run for the Chiefs.

So, to sum up: Five messy innings and a clean, one-two-three sixth for Zink and he leaves the game with Syracuse ahead 4-1. All you need to know about Rocky Cherry is that he pitched two scoreless relief innings.

Randor Bierd came in for ninth inning relief, and Bierd is no Rocky Cherry. Okay? A single, a walk, a sac bunt... and then slugger Brad Eldred hits a two run double. Not cute at all.

Logan Kensing pitched the bottom of the ninth for the Chiefs, but Pawtucket couldn't rise to the occasion. And now Van Every's gone. If it's love you want from me, then take it away.

it's the kind of game you want so much, it makes you sorry:
1. Charlie Zink has been with the org since 2002. He first pitched for Pawtucket in 2005. Zink has also been used as a reliever. All told, he's pitched 77 games for Pawtucket. I feel like I've seen all of them. And I don't know what more I can say.
2. Oh, yeah! Pawtucket scored two runs! Thank the fabulous Freddy G and puckish infielder Jeff Natale for their RBI's.
3. I saw Justin Maxwell on TV last night. I heard he was handsome... he is.
4. Syracuse left fielder Mike Vento went 3-5 with a double and a triple. So he was a homer shy?
5. Travis Denker struck out three times. Wildly unrelated: In Norfolk, I feel as though Denker got screwed with stolen base calls (as a fielder, not a runner).
6. Chiefs starter Garrett Mock is IL pitcher of the week! Walk right up to him, give him a great big kiss!
7. Freddy Guzman is so hot right now (.329 this month)! He is much more interesting than Bubba Bell. I know everyone loves Bubba Bell, but guess what? He might not love you back.
8. Jed Lowrie hurt his knee or something and left the game. That statement is somewhat inaccurate, but W/E.
9. Wait a minute, don't I hate Van Every? Come on. It's a new day, a new way. Aren't we all capable of assholism on any given day?

Tonight! Former Marlin Scott Olsen (or "Scotty O", as he likes to be called) versus humorless righty Michael Bowden. Am I going? Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle?



that's news to me

Forgot to mention, Dusty Brown's in Boston and Mark Wagner's at McCoy. I hadn't even noticed, really. Dusty Brown is so uninteresting I might have to start calling him Dusty Beige. Now Mark Wagner, there's a catcher you can set your watch to!

We could really use Van Every back. I hope he's a quick healer.

Robert Coello's with single-A Salem. They probably make him go on all the beer runs.

I have a sinking feeling that Ivan Ochoa is in the trunk of someone's car down in the Florida keys.

6.27.09 Pawtucket v Syracuse Chiefs - Yes, Jhonatan.

Pawtucket WINS! 3-2 thanks to the Amazing Freddy G!

You love Clay Buchholz. You can't stop talking about Buchholz. He might be the only player you can name on the Pawtucket Sox. And he's doing everything right, from game prep to making nice with the fans.

But I'm going to skip right over CB and get to the rest of it, because the Pawtucket B-list is what's in my wheelhouse.

It's the seventh inning and the game's tied at two. Marcus McBeth is pitching in relief. McBeth is a star, really. McBeth pitches two perfect innings with two strikeouts. Unfortunately, Pawtucket is also scoreless. Don't you think the bullpen deserves better? Are you angry on their behalf?

Onto the bottom of the ninth. The game is still tied. Logan Kensing pitching for the Chiefs. Paul McAnulty leads off... and hits one hard to right! Way back! Se va, se va, se va... no se fue! Coño! Instead, a ground rule double for Pauly Mac.

Gil Velazquez is the next Pawtucket batter and he very sweetly walks. And then Angel Chavez lays down a perfect bunt. And it's not even a sacrifice! A bunt single for Chavez!

Bases loaded for Guzman, who singles in the winning run. Yay and such. Hunter Jones gets the win for the Red Sox.

red skies at night/red beans and rice (whoa-oh)
1. Jeff Bailey hit a two-run homer and did not strike out.

That's it?

Yes, that's all there is.

shit at the plate

I had this brilliant idea where I was going to make some stupid case for dropping Jeff Bailey in the order.

I was going to point out all the players who had a higher OBP.

That would be John Otness, who has only played in seven games.

Paul McAnulty has a lot more walks... 33 to Bailey's 24. But McAnulty blew away the competition in K's, with 69. The guy in second place, Dusty Brown, has 49. Yikes!

The Red Sox are 40-34, which is a real testament to its pitching. Seriously. The next time you see Enrique Gonzalez or Rocky Cherry or Vaquedano or Michael Bowden, you'd better drop to your knees.

The next time you see a position player, give 'em a kidney shot. Tell 'em Trot Nixon sent you.


nauticus: three baseball games in brief (no co-ordinates available)

1. Game one, June 23rd: Pawtucket @ Norfolk.
Matchup: RHP Charlie Zink v RHP Chris Tillman. 6-5 Pawtucket in ten innings. Bubba Bell hits his first AAA home run in the top of the tenth, giving Pawtucket the lead and the win. I missed it because I was in the bathroom. Typical me. And! Travis Denker initiated a triple play and it was very exciting. Travis Denker is A-OK.

When we got to the park, it was CRAZY! Very crowded with snake-long lines for food. I kept seeing people with pyramids of foil-wrapped hot dogs. I asked the gent in front of me if there was some kind of hot dog promo. Turns out it was 'Turn Back the Clock' night and dogs and popcorn and other crap was 25 cents. Geez, good thing I don't eat meat.

As I was buying a beer, I felt an almost overwhelming sense of deja-vu. Where am I? I have been here before. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I swear, I'd bought this same beer from the same vendor with the same field view.

Then I remembered: Syracuse. This is like the same exact park as Syracuse. Except far less depressing. No, I will not stop bagging on Syracrap.

You would not have believed how many Red Sox fans there were! Like, with the jerseys and whole families geared up and the chanting 'Let's Go Red sox!' and all of it. And wanna hear my theory? The tides were a long-time Mets affiliate. Mets fans hate the Yankees. The Red Sox took the Yankees down in 2004 and made the Norfolkians very happy.

2. Game two, June 24th: Michael Bowden v Carlos Hernandez. 4-2 Norfolk.

Joey Gathright is on the Tides, did you know that? I love Gathright.

Pawtucket did not score until the ninth inning. It was a nice night for an evening.

3. Game three, June 25th, Gonzalez v Pauley. 7-4 Pawtucket.

David Pauley? Wicked nice guy. I almost wanted him to crush Pawtucket, but alas.

This was a blistering hot day game. I got all burnt and broke out in hives on my thighs. This has happened to me before. Fernando Cabrera continues to be a dream closer and has not yet blown a save. I saw Nandy on TV last night being interviewed and he said he "really, really likes" being a closer. Well, I 'really, really like' watching him pitch. Oh my god.

I guess that's it. In short, Harbor Park is an ordinary park with cool views and a great fan base. I had a great time.


Enrique Gonzalez just wants a bit part in my life.

Seriously, how did you make it without me? NORFOLK TIDES 2009!!!!

I had a great time down south, the weather was luscious! I felt like the sun was trying to stab me to death!

In a surprise twist, I once again lodged at the same inn as the Red Sox. Many of the extras in my personal life movie were played the team and co. Mostly non-speaking roles (Man with Laptop, Lefty with Pancakes, Jock on Phone #1, Jock on Phone #2, Jock on Phone #17), but one paid speaking role (Man on Elevator with Fast Food). It was neat... ish. It does make me uncomfortable, like, do I look like a creepy stalker?

And then I always think, only because I am a woman do I have to worry about that shit. It doesn't help that I get allegedly mature people saying "OOOOH YOU WANT TO MARRY JEFF BAILEY!!11!!!??" or "YOU KNOW A LOT ABOUT THE PAWSOX, STALKER!!!!"

"YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!" is another favorite. They're probably just jealous.

This has nothing to do with baseball, but Norfolk has a top-notch public trans system. Better than Boston. Yeah, I said it.GO HRT!!!!! Look at the guy in the picture, he LOVES it... all over your face!



is that legal?

"Due to rainouts in Scranton, Hens & Yanks will play six games in four days at FTF [Fifth Third Field], including back-to-back double headers."

Just read this from the Toledo Mud Hens. Some crazy fan should go to all the games. That is crazy!

Okay, I'm off for a few days. See you when I get back.


6.21.09 Pawtucket @ Durham Bulls

Durham eats it again, 4-3. But damn, they have fans.

Enrique Gonzalez did an awesome Edgar Martinez impression, going 5 1/3 innings and giving up three runs on five hits. He walked two and struck out 8 (whoa!).

Javier Lopez and his 7.04 are back! Lopez pitched a scoreless inning. Hunter Jones pitched the rest of it. Nothing too exciting, here.

Carlos Hernandez started for the Bulls and he gave up all four Red Sox runs. Hernandez also issued six walks, which didn't help. Hernandez walked leadoff guy Jeff Bailey in the fifth. Freddie Guzman singled, Aaron Bates walked. Good night, Irene. Jorge DePaula came in and faced the Mighty Maldonado, who hit a two-run single. And then Travis Denker hit an RBI single to top it all off.

Sounded like a fun night at the park. I will go there someday.

central so essential:
1. Former Red Sox great Chad Bradford pitched in this game.
2. Travis Denker: two hits, two walks. BAT HIM LEADOFF! Try it, you'll like it!
3. Aaron Bates is a beast. I love him.
4. Rhyne Hughes hit a triple! I love triples.
5. Carlos Maldonado caught two runners stealing.
6. Gonzalez also had a wild pitch and a balk. He's also from Venezuela. LIKE EDGAR MARTINEZ.
7. Last year, the PawSox were unstoppable. This year, less so. And yet, there were people I hated last year and this year I don't hate anyone. It's nice.

Hope to see you soon.



I was at the PawSox five-inning rainout the other day. Charlie Zink's muffleball was so soft and floaty and effective... for a few innings. And then the rain intensified and Zink was foundering. He was all slick and his wet jersey clung to his body in alluring fashion. Then he gave up a grand slam after pitching coach Rich Sauveur gave him a pep talk on the mound or whatever.

Nothing has really been going Zink's way this season. And after that grand slam, I wondered what would happen if Zink had just left the game. Just said... eff this... and walked off the field. Has a pitcher ever done that?

And yet, Zink perseveres for very little reward. Currently, he's on the Lowell Spinners roster to make room for Javier Lopez. I guess that's baseball. I don't think I could handle that kind of stuff. I'd be crushed, miserable, ANGRY!

Yesterday I was wondering what happened to Chris George. Turns out he's been released. So where's Robert Coello? Has anyone heard from Hansack? Zach Daeges?

Things might be down around here for a little while. I will try once more to link this site to my domain name. And then vacation.

At least I have a keyboard now. You try typing with no 'n', 'b', or a spacebar! And a sticky "CTRL" key!

PS Found this interesting comment on Boston.com:

"Lowe did everything with respect. He knew as well as anyone that Boston has the worst fans. Maybe not the worst but no real good fans.

Everyone in Boston is selfish, jerks (I'm from Cambridge...) but when players aren't allstar hall of famers, the Boston fans hate them. There is no loyality with the fans that sit at fenway. NO ONE CARES ABOUT ANYTHING except winning.

I have given up on Fenway, with all the posers and the suits. No one knows who is in the minor leagues, who played pre-championships, no one knows...

So there you go, you are tell me he is an Icon in Boston? Go hang out in the wall with Manny cause you don't have a clue. There are no Icons in Boston, there are only sports writer trying to keep their jobs and fans who are too lazy to do anything but care about winning."

6.19.09 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Durham Bulls (TAM)

Pawtucket WINS! Miraculously! 8-6! Rejoice, rejoice! We have no choice!

Michael Bowden and his allegedly ripped physique got the start for Pawtucket. MB kicked off his start with a walk, a single, a walk, and a Justin Ruggiano grand slam. Oh. At least the bases were empty for the next guy, Jon Weber, who hit a double.

Bowden gave up a single, a double, and another walk before the inning was over. I'm sure he handled it well. It's okay if he smashes stuff because he's 'intense', which can be code for 'uptight asshole'. See also: Type-A.

At this point, I would have said "Game Over" and possibly headed home and eaten bon-bons. That is why I'm a crappy sports fan. It seems that Pawtucket came back and won this game.

It all started in the second inning with Paul McAnulty's solo homer. Score becomes 6-1. Inning three, nothing happens. Inning four: AHA! Paul McAnulty comes up strong again. With Crater Chris on second after reaching on an error and advancing on an Aaron Bates walk, McAnulty hits an RBI double. And later in the inning, with Bates on third, Travis Denker grounds over to the right, scoring Bates. Two more runs!

Durham starter Wade Davis hangs tough through the remainder of his start, keeping the PawSox scoreless for the next three innings. Righty reliever and noted hippie Joe Bateman stepped on the mound with no idea what mad, schmacking action he was going to face.

With two outs in the eighth and Joe Bateman breathing freely, Aaron Bates hit a single. Left fielder and Beastmaster Paul McAnulty followed with another single, and Bateman started to sweat a little. It may have been nerves which led to the walk to Dusty Brown. Bases loaded!

Bateman then issued a walk to Travis Denker, bringing Aaron Bates home. 6-4 Durham. Bateman gets a coaching visit, which does not seem to help, since Gil Velazquez steps up and hits a two-run double to tie the game!

Bateman finally gets to depart and Jorge Julio replaces him. He faces the light-hitting Angel Chavez, who singles to left to score Denker and Velazquez! 8-6 Pawtucket!

So that was it. Slammin' closer Fernando Cabrera had the giant task of saving the game for Pawtucket in the bottom of the ninth. Two singles and a walk loaded the bases for the Bulls with one out. Uh-oh, Nandy. But don't worry, Cabrera's a veteran and he got Rashad Eldridge to fly out and Rhyne Hughes to ground out. HOTTT.

1. Bowden did not return to the game after the nasty first inning. Marcus McBeth pitched three innings (and I love him), Rocky Cherry pitched two (sustained excellence), Randor Bierd another two (not bad), and Cabrera closed (Arroz! Que carne 'ay!). HOT SCORELESS GOODNESS!! The bullpen might be the only reason the PawSox are hovering around .500.
2. Jeff Bailey continues to slump, going 0-4 with three strikeouts. Looks like IL pitchers have stopped getting cute with him, since he's so patient and selective. He did steal a base, though.
3. It is apparently balls-hot in North Carolina.
4. Hot piece of Tampa property Wade Davis threw 110 pitches. I'll bet that guy gets mad ladies.
5. Joe Bateman is from Pittsfield, MA and he went to the Mass College of Liberal Arts. I have never heard of that school so I think it's made up. Joe is from a valley full of pioneers. You should see his roster photo. He looks really gentle and sensitive.

Tomorrow @5! The Durham folks are in for a treat, as Scott Kazmir will be rehabbing. Forever mackin' Kris Johnson will be the much less interesting half of the game.










Your super-celeb starter was John Smoltz who, I don't know if you've heard about this, enjoys golfing and is fairly good at it! Smoltz... you know, go read about his start on the other million Red Sox blogs because I don't give a fuck right now.

Knights starter Jack Egbert struggled a little in his start. Eggy (of course) blew it all over the place in the fifth inning when he gave up an RBI double to Bubba Bell. Egbert IBB'd Carter to load the bases and face Aaron Bates (???). Bates made him pay with a single that scored Bailey. That was a really dumb move in my opinion.

Egbert handed the ball over to reliever Kelvin Jiminez. And now Egbert and Jiminez are barely talking, since Jiminez gave up a two-run single to catcher Dusty Brown. And then Denker hit an RBI single. It was all warplanes and white handkerchiefs and gray clouds.

Pawtucket scored the other four runs in the sixth inning. Chavez, Bailey, and Bell hit three consecutive singles to get the Buffalo roaming. Carter reached on an error which scored Bailey, McAnulty singled in Bubba Bell, and Jiminez finally hit the showers in favor of repeat IL offender Ehren Wasserman.

Wasserman immediately gave up a single to Dusty Brown... it was pretty boring, even by Dusty Brown standards. Travis Denker grounded into the second out and Carter scampered home from third. So that was good!

Gil Velazquez killed the rally with an infield pop out. Wait, didn't Velazquez get the last out in the fifth, too? Yes. He struck out. So be sweet to him.

So, wait, didn't the Knights score three runs? Yeah, well, former PawSox great Keith Ginter hit a solo shot off John Smoltz. Oh, Christ. Keith Ginter will probably never stop talking about this. Keith Ginter was such a lame third baseman. The best I can say about him is that he was better than Chad Spann.

Canadian bacon Cole Armstrong hit a two-run homer off Clay Buchholz. Three runs, there you have it. Can I go now?

since you gotta go:
1. Paul McAnulty went 3-5.
2. Rough night for Velazquez. 0-4 with two K's.
3. Buchholz threw two wild pitches. Smoltz threw one.
4. Bubba Bell's at-bat song is 'Love in an Elevator'. Okay, we get it, you're a pimp. I really didn't need that image.
5. So THAT'S why Buchholz has been so nice to everyone! It certainly can't hurt his cause.
6. Billy Traber pitched a scoreless ninth. Traber has been doing well lately.
7. Speaking of at-bat songs, I was always fascinated by Chip Ambres' tune. I could never figure it out. And for the most part, I don't recognize anyone else's song. Face it, I'm old and out of touch. Oh, except Jeff Bailey, still getting the Led out.

TONIGHT! A "less than motivated" Charlie Zink will finally pitch. And wear pink to support breast cancer research. I might wear burnt orange, which means I support limb re-attachment surgery research.


Baby Chris Carter lets you in.

"Hitting's not that hard, really. Don't overthink it. Just relax. Like that song! 'Relax, don't do it, when you wanna come!' I think Aerosmith sang that."


6.16.09 Red Sox/Knights @ McCoy - GAME ONE

Charlotte takes the first game, 1-0 in eight innings.

Kris Johnson started, just back from Lowell or whatever. KJ got the heave-ho in the fifth after walking Negron, the number nine batter for the Knights. Cardinal sin, man. It's like walking a pitcher. Handyman Randor Bierd took over and did a top notch job in relief for 2 2/3. No score through seven innings for either team, so extra innings ensued. It was a wobbly Hunter Jones who spoiled the party when he gave up a solo homer to Josh Kroeger in the eighth. Aw.

That's pretty much it for game one.

1. Kris Johnson had five K's, Bierd had four. The Knights may rival Pawtucket in Bat Absence, though.
2. Wilson Betemit! What is up, you old goat!
3. Chris Carter made a jerk of himself in right field. It was a fucking disaster, really. I can't even describe his ineptitude. "Intense" comes to mind.
4. Jeff Bailey hit a single. The clock is ticking and I feel like these are Bailey's last days. What the hell am I gonna do? Bailey and Ron Johnson have pretty much ridden shotgun on this blog since its inception. I shall be adrift.
5. Carlos. Freaking. Maldonado. YES. He allowed two stolen bases, but who cares? He's my favorite.
6. Bubba Bell in the house! I'm surprised that this is his first appearance in AAA, because I remember seeing him at the park last year. Turns out he was just using the facilities.
7. Travis Denker does not look like much, but he is a serviceable infielder.
8. Paul McAnulty was ejected for strike zone bitching.

Tonight! Smoltz b/w Clay Buchholz. Go if you're gonna, but I'm staying home. If I'm addicted to anything, it's sparklers.


6.16.09 v Charlotte (Game 2)

3-2 Pawucket in seven innings.

Charlie Zink was supposed to start this game. Suddenly, right before the game started, Rocky Cherry came out to the mound and started warming up. WHAT.

Zink was sitting in the dugout messing with a bat, stretching, just kind of hanging out. He looked normal. So I don't know what happened.

So game two was a bullpen game started by Rocky Cherry, with spectacular long relief by Jose Vaquedano and Ultimate Closing Power with Fernando Cabrera.

Charlotte scored first in the second inning. With one out, special guest star Wilson Betemit hit a single. Brent Lillibridge follows with a double and Michael Negron gets to first, thanks to a Velazquez fielding error. Betemit scores, Lillibridge over to third.

A subsequent passed ball (Dusty Brown) scores Lillibridge to give Charlotte the 2-0 lead.

Round come the fourth inning, Freddy Guzman led things off with a walk and Chris Carter homered a little later in the inning to tie the game. The homer was almost an out, really, because massive left fielder Michael Restovich got a glove on it, but that just kind of tipped the ball over the wall, into the bullpen. Pffft. Cheap. Michael Negron would have had it.

Bottom of the fifth inning, with Dusty Brown on second base thanks to a double, Travis Denker hit an RBI double to score Brown. 3-2 Pawtucket and that's how the game ended.

my voice is average?
1. Bubba Bell played right field in this game. Finally.
2. Paul McAnulty played left field and made a great inning-ending catch of a Josh Kroeger fly ball in the fifth. McAnulty is not exactly an outfield gazelle, so I could not help but laugh a little. Still, a great play.
3. Jeffrey Marquez got the start for Charlotte. He also got the loss.
4. Jose Vaquedano was a serious champ out there. Three innings of perfection and strength. Three up, three down. His mother should be proud of her boy.
5a. It was Armed Services Night.
5b. Pawtucket wore alternate red jerseys. They are not that cute.

See you tonight!


Cooperstown. Pawtucket. Syracuse. ON.

15-5 Red Sox! Yes, of course we're serious. Even though five runs generally equals an early grave for Pawtucket.

Your noted fashion photographer and righty triple-A guy Enrique Gonzalez got the start for Pawtucket, but since this was a Syracuse joint, I'm switching over...

... to Chiefs starter Scott Olsen, with his jeans on and his team strong. Wait, the dude from the Marlins? Yeah, him. Except now he's in the Nationals org. Scotty O: Three innings, four hits, two earned runs, two walks, two K's. Olsen is rehabbing so his outing was short.

Then this guy Saul Rivera came in for Olsen and ruined everyone's lovely day at the park. Rivera gave up eight Pawtucket runs in 2 2/3 innings. If you let a weak-ass Pawtucket offense score 8 runs, then you have serious problems. Saul Rivera, check yourself in.

I really want to wallow in the pain of Saul Rivera, so here we go to the fourth inning. Here comes messy baby Travis Denker, second baseman. Denker hits a single to left. Gil Velazquez doubles, Denker to third.

Then: "Angel Chavez reaches on a fielder's choice out, shortstop Pete Orr to third baseman Kory Casto to second baseman Seth Bynum to shortstop Pete Orr. Travis Denker scores. Gil Velazquez out at 3rd. Angel Chavez to 2nd on the throw." So it looks like Velazquez was caught in a pickle, right?

Bailey and Guzman then both grounded out to end the inning.

Pawtucket, fifth inning: Chris Carter, who I absolutely adore and admire, flies out. Big boy Aaron Bates tops that shit with a single to center, because Carter is half the man that Bates is.

Paul McAnulty gets the second out in the fifth with a flyout, Bates sneers from first. And then the awesome starts. Human bobblehead and exciting catcher Carlos "Magic" Maldonado singles, moving Bates to third. And an unassuming Travis Denker hits an RBI single! Gil Velazquez follows with a blooper that scores Maldonado!

Skip to the sixth inning, tied at 5 after Syracuse scored three runs off Gonzalez in the bottom of the fifth. The speedy Guzman grounds out to kick things off. Chris Carter, Aaron Bates singles. Runners at the corners with one out. Paul McAnulty does a good thing and doubles, scoring Carter to give Pawtucket the 6-5 lead.

Carlos Maldonado lumbers up to the plate, and I feel so sorry inside that I haven't seen his work in person. Rivera gives him four for the intentional walk, because CM is a beast. Bases loaded, one out. Travis Denker's up again and he grounds into a force... Bates out at home.

Two outs, bases still loaded, and Velazquez reaches on an error. Another run scores and Rivera is OUT! Logan Kensing takes over.

Kensing faces Angel Chavez. Chavez greets him with a three-run homer. CLOSE THE WINDOW, CALM THE LIGHT!!!

Fizzle: Bailey grounds out to end the inning.

Pawtucket went on to score two runs in the seventh and two runs in the eighth. There is so much more I could say but I'm too lazy.

The win went to lefty Billy Traber. And his Amazing Square Head, of course. And what about our friend Enrique? He gave up a couple of home runs in his 4 1/3 innings and struck out five.

I like coffee and I like tea!
1. Also in the pitching mix for Pawtucket: The Volcano and Doctor Jones.
2. Also pitching for Syracrap: Wilfredo Ledezma (!), alleged weirdo Corey Doyne, and John Poppert. JOHN POPPERT??? Damn, girl! He plays the harmonica AND pitches!
3. Double trouble: Velazquez, Guzman, Carter, and McAnulty all doubled. I had to use "double trouble" just once to see if I felt like a corny sportswriter! Instead, I feel cheap.
4. Carlos Maldonado should play more. I say this because Dusty Brown is totally boring and predictable.
5. This game was played at Doubleday Field, which is a darling little park that can't contain the unstoppable force of Angel Chavez.
6. Ryan Langerhans and giant first baseman Brad Eldred homered for the Chiefs.
7. It's fitting that the Nationals' triple-A team plays in a shithole like Syracuse.
8. Is Gustavo Molina another brother? I think the New York Times should do a story on this woman, the mother of the Molinas. She's much more interesting than Jason Varitek.

I'm done with this. PawSox back in town tomorrow. Walk on the ocean.


6.12.09 Syracuse: Part Zink

4-1 Syracuse! in a seven inning double header game in New York.

Charlie Zink gets the loss. Paul McAnulty got the only RBI. Bates was 1-2 with a walk.

That's it for today.


you lying drunk

Chip Ambres has been signed by the Mets and Sandy Madera has been released. I will miss them forever. It appears to me that Madera was screwed over pretty hard, but that's the way it goes. Note to self: Theo Epstein probably does not really like your hair combed that way.

Sandy Madera was a seriously nice, good guy. Unfortunately, he did not fit in with anyone's plans. So why is Jeff Bailey still hanging out?

How am I going to explain this to my kids?


6.9.09 Pawtucket Red Sox v Durham Bulls - master.

2-1 Pawtucket! WHAT? YES.

Lefty Durham starter Carlos Hernandez struck out five PawSox batters through six innings while only giving up one run, that being Chip Ambres' RBI double in the fifth. CHIP!

The Red Sox countered with sizzlemeat Clay Buchholz, who was less than sharp tonight, although the only run he gave up was Jaso's solo homer. Buchholz ran his pitch count up to 92 through five innings and walked three Bulls hitters. Buchholz kicked off the sixth inning by giving up a single to Bulls catcher John Jaso(n) and a subsequent walk to Rashad Eldridge. It was obvious that CB was all done so Marcus McBeth came in.

McBeth? Two scoreless innings. Lefty Hunter Jones gave up a pair of nervous-making hits in the eighth, but came out smelling like a rose. And the always dependable Rocky Cherry wrangled the ninth inning, keeping up with the whole scoreless relief thing.

And so with the teams KNOTTED up at 1-1 in the bottom of the ninth (Not "nodded", PawSox updater! Geez, read a book.), it all came down to Chris Carter and the Middle of the Order Crew. Carter immediately popped out to the catcher. Aaron Bates was up next... and he doubled! Bates' first ever Pawtucket hit! The entire park (all 412 wettish fans) burst in a collective prospect O.

The zippy Freddie G pinch ran for the lumbering Bates. Van Every was next and Durham reliever Jason Childers gave him four.

Next batter, catcher Dusty Brown. And Brown went so deep to right, I swear, it was almost in the Pawtucket bullpen and could have hit Javier Lopez in the solar plexus. But instead, the left fielder swiped at it and it fell in for a double and Guzman ran home to win the game 2-1. And they were all so merry. It was a fine, fine day (for a reunion).

two things:
1. Also getting his first triple-A hit: Durham Bulls kid Rhyne Hughes.
2. Jonathan Van Every's back in the lineup and the kid had a great night. He walked twice... well, three times if you count the IBB... and made a killer play in the ninth behind Cherry. And god, we need his bat.
3. Angel Chavez went 2-3 and made a balls-out catch in foul territory in the ninth. It was very exciting for me and possibly for him.
4. Jeff Bailey continues to be a hacking mass in the past couple of games. Bad, bad slump.
5. Hunter Jones has become somewhat tentative and fretful on the mound. This in turn makes me nervous. He did blow a three run lead in Sunday's game, so he needs his sea legs back.
6. Hyder's post-game interview was with Brown. Fair enough, he hit the walk-off double. I would have preferred Bates.
7. Master. Uh huh huh huh.

Tomorrow! Day off for Pawtucket. Then Syracuse, god help them.

I Am the Owl

Back in February, I responded to The Bottom Line's informal blogger poll regarding the Red Sox in '09.

Please check this post out and then send me your gold jewelry so I can appraise it and mail you a small check. Oh my god, I am so smart.

I love The Bottom Line! You can also find them on that web site that blasts out little messages to your mostly uninterested followers. You can find me there, too. Me!

Please don't tell anyone.

Carlos Maldonado has a posse.

6'1"! 240 lbs!

Carlos Maldonado, when he's not in the game, which is almost always, will sit on the far end of the bench (closest to the outfield and bullpen) for what seems to be the entire game.

His posse includes: Enrique Gonzalez, Fernando Cabrera (who seems to feel that he's way too cool to sit in the dugout with the other scrubs), and Angel Chavez to a lesser extent. They all cluster together like they're at a cliquey cafeteria table.

Freddy Guzman will occasionally pop in to say a few words. I think Maldonado's a cool guy and he should probably mix it up a little.

Oh, by the way, Fernando Cabrera is a furious nose picker. Still, he's a total MILF.


6.8.09 Pawtucket Red Sox v Durham Bulls - Bates. Finally.

3-2 Durham. Three runs is an insurmountable mountain for Pawtucket, mostly. But, hey, it was Legends Night with Brian Rose and Bill Monboquette! Brian rose? Hello, nurse!

Enrique Gonzalez CAN cut the mustard! Gonzalez pitched pretty well, only giving up three runs in five innings. He also had three strikeouts.

And even though Billy Traber is not cool at all, he really did a great job tonight. Traber pitched 3 1/3 scoreless innings! Very impressive, if futile.

On the other side of the park, Wade Davis got the start for the Bulls. He's exciting, right? Jeff Bailey could not handle that jelly and had some of the worst at-bats I've ever seem him have. And I have seen more Jeff Bailey at-bats than probably his mom. So Bailey struck out three times and had to play right field because Aaron Bates has come to town and rendered him superfluous. Plus he was visibly upset with the home plate umpiring.

Wade Davis! Davis pitched six shutout innings and got seven strikeouts. Julio Depaula and Dale Thayer gave up one run apiece. Pawtucket's runs were among the most cheap-ass I've ever seen at McCoy.

Still, I had a pretty good time.

you think i'm fruity?
1. I heard a bunch of the PawSox kidz (including Name Player C. Buchholz) had a "private party" last night in downtown Providence. And where did these wildmen throw it down? That would be the cheesy and super lame Dave and Buster's. Wow, guys. Wow.
2. Newish kid Henry Mateo hit a home run.
3. Freddy Guzman is certainly energetic.
4. Enrique Gonzalez walked shortstop Brandon Chaves in the second inning. Chaves was batting ninth. It drives me crazy when you walk the number nine guy!! I'm talking about you, specifically, Hunter Jones.
5. Center fielder Justin Ruggiano was ejected for strike zone bitching.
6. Pawtucket had seven hits... two runs. They left nine guys on base. Jeff Natale left guys on base twice. Isn't he supposed to be leaning into pitches? He's Piñata Boy!
7. At long last, Aaron Bates comes to Pawtucket. Sean Danielson's on the DL. Gil Velazquez had the night off.
8. Angel Chavez played a mean shortstop tonight. So, so good. PANAMA!

Tomorrow: Last game of the homestand! Buchholz v Carlos Hernandez. Wait... THE Carlos Hernandez?

Yes. See you there.


Lunch with A-Rod

So earlier today I had lunch with Alex Rodriguez. Derek Jeter was there and was supposed to join us, but he had other things to do. He was lucky.

I could tell right away that A-Rod had anxiety problems... I felt bad, I tried to be nice, what the hell? We get to this tacky-ish restaurant with white tablecloths and shared a table with some other woman who wanted to talk about her kids.

The worst part was A-Rod kept getting stressed over every little thing. No salt on the table? OH MY GOD. I don't even know what else. He was so uptight and I kept saying, relax, dude. It's not that big a deal. RELAX.

Anything that might have been remotely interesting about having lunch with a MLB superstar went right down the toilet. I stopped feeling bad and started feeling annoyed. I wasn't an A-Rod fan anyway... thought it wouldn't be so bad to break bread with him he's human, right? No. NO.

So my alarm went off and it's all a dream I had, but I feel like it was a pretty accurate representation of what lunch with A-Rod must be like. Oh my god.


things we said today

By the way, it worked out great that Friday's game got rained out. I got to see Smoltz pitch after all.

Bill Monboquette said the only good things to come out of baseball were David Ortiz and Greg Maddux. What a charmer! I'll see him Monday night.

I love you.

6.6.09 Pawtucket Red Sox v Durham Bulls - Oh, Nandy!

Typical Pawtucket win: 2-1, Billy Traber notwithstanding.

Red Sox fans enjoyed a cold, delicious Smoltz tonight at McCoy. JS was only supposed to pitch five innings, but he whined until he got his way and went six in 74 pitches. It was remarkable. Many local weirdos came out to see this event.

Smoltz only gave up one run and it happened in the second inning. Ray Olmedo hit a sac fly to score Chris Richard from third. And that was essentially all the Bulls could do.

Rocky Cherry came into the game in the seventh and gave up a double to the first batter, Ray Sadler. After getting the skinny Hawaiian kid to ground out in the eighth for the first out, Cherry split the scene so Billy Traber and His Amazing Square Head could face lefty Jon Weber. Traber walked Sadler and then walked the next guy, Eldridge, on four pitches. So that didn't really work out.

Strapping young closer Fernando Cabrera had to save Traber's ass and get the last five outs of the game. Cabrera handily struck out the next two guys to end the eighth, but the ninth inning was a little more of a battle for Cabrera. Pain in the ass Sadler started the trouble with a single.The next batter, catcher John Jaso, flew out to left, but then Ray Olmedo hit a single that moved Sadler to third.

One out, runners at the corners for Cabrera. Pawtucket leading by only one run. Pinch hitter for Durham, Henry Mateo. RJ comes out to the mound, but doesn't yank FC. Tension. No one warming... but Cabrera gets Mateo to strike out! PIMP.

And it's that skinny Hawaiian outfielder again, Chaves, who hasn't done crap all night. Chaves hits a weak grounder and Cabrera picks it... gets it to Chavez and Sadler's caught on the way to home... he darts back but Chavez tags him good. Out! Game! YES.

Pawtucket offense: Solo home runs from Bailey and Ambres, both off starter Jason Cromer. That's it.

jitterbug. jitterbug:
1. It's a good thing Bailey hit a home run. He seemed nervous about the Smoltz thing because he fumbled around with the very first ground ball before he tossed it to Smoltz for the out. Later, a grounder by Eldridge shot right through his legs, Buckner-style.
2. Also, when Bailey says "May I have your attention please?" over the PA at the bottom of the first, it startles me every time.
3. Jeff Natale is back! I have it on good authoritah that he reads mallrat vampire books. Even ask him.
4. "Jaso" is like "Jason" without the 'n'.
5. Hey, it's IL repeat offender Ray Olmedo!
6. Hyder's post-game talk was with Chip Ambres, who went 2-4 with a double. The other night it was Travis Denker, who kind of just droned and mumbled. Chip came across loud and clear and far more lucid. This is because Ambres is the man.

I think Cabrera deserves a t-shirt, don't you?

Tomorrow! More bulls, more socks. Good night.



6.4.09 Soxz v Batz - Buchholz, duh.

7-3 Pawtucket! Winning is everything!

Clay Buchholz continues to pitch well and be a good guy to have around. I never realized that Buchholz was nice! If he was just some Pawtucket kid from like the Astros organization, I would love him. I need some serious 'AA' - A-ttitude A-djustment!

Buchholz pitched seven innings and gave up the three Louisville runs, one of them being Big Boy Bankston's two-run homer in the fifth. No walks and five strikeouts for Buchholz.

Jose Vaquedano hopped into the game in the eighth and immediately pegged third baseman Mike Griffin, then walked catcher Eric Peterson. I was like, Oh crap. But nothing really happened! Plus Chip Ambres, who subbed in for McAnulty in left field at the top of the inning, made a pretty sweet catch to get Stubbs out. HE PUT HIS HANDS IN THE LION'S DEN AND DREW STUBBS!!! (Awesome, right?)

Vaquedano pitched the ninth, gave up a walk but nothing else, and Pawtucket drove home happy in their big, dumb cars with tinted windows.

Righty Sam LeCure got the start for the Bats, pitched five innings, and got seven strikeouts. He also gave up five runs, including Chris Carter's solo home run. Pawtucket came alive like Frampton in the fifth, when third baseman Angel Chavez led things off with a line-drive single to center. Freddie Guzman was next and kinda-sorta bunted... it was adorable.. anyway, he probably would have been out but LeCure botched the toss. And then Bailey came up and Chavez and Guzman tried to do a double steal. I think. It almost looked like Guzman saw Chavez stealing third and thought it was such a great idea he'd try it himself. It was not exactly co-ordinated.

Then! Guzman got himself in a rundown and it looked like curtains... but he wiggled past one of the Bats infielder (Richar, I think) and landed safely at second.

OR DID HE? Louisville manager Rick Sweet politely disagreed with the safe call and was ejected.

Well, now both runners are in scoring position with no outs and on some days, you might as well pencil in your zero in the Pawtucket runs box. Not tonight! Travis Denker heroically doubled and drove both dudes in.

And then Dusty Brown walked after Carter struck out and McAnulty doubled him in. It was glorious. Unless you were Sam LeCure.

The Red Sox scored a pair of runs in the seventh, thanks to RBI singles from McAnulty and Velazquez! Yay and such.

Drew Stubbs! Get it??
1. Carter lost his mind when he hit his home run. I swear, right after he crossed home plate he ripped his jersey off and screamed!
2. But not really. What happened was his teammates in the dugout acted disinterested and ignored him for a second, then all the high-fiving began, Carter chest-bumped Maldonado, who is a fairly large fellow. And Angel Chavez. It was pretty macho. Carter acted like he was tweaking the rest of the game. I don't get that guy.
3. Dusty Brown walked three times. Patience like that usually only comes with Quaalude use.
4. Gil Velazquez went 2-4 with a double. He is so great.
5. Sean Danielson Arm Story: In the top of the fifth, with Richar on second, Michael Griffin hit a pretty deep single to right, which should have scored Richar. But because of Danielson's Max Power Arm, he didn't dare move past third. It was very exciting.

Tomorrow! More baseball. Smoltz is pitching and I'm gonna skip it. But Saturday... yup.



6.2.09 Pawtucket Red Sox (BOS) v Louisville Bats (CIN) - IT'S PEANUT BUTTER BAILEY TIME!

Pawtucket loses 6-0. They just cannot drive runners home.

Michael Bowden had another dodgy start. The problems arose immediately in the first inning... the first two Bats worked Bowden deep into their at-bats even they both resulted in infield pop-ups. Then came the legendary Darnell McDonald, who said hello and homered. A little later in the first inning, Danny Dorn hit a two-run single. Three runs in the first= a probable loss for Pawtucket.

Bowden pitched four innings and started to work the fifth, but after a double and a single he was yanked for Randor Bierd. Bowden gave up all six Louisville runs, three of them coming via the long ball.

Bats starter Homer Bailey made it seem so easy. Bailey pitched eight shutout innings and for a second, I thought he'd come out for the ninth. Bailey racked up eight strikeouts and only two walks. Pawtucket had a few scattered singles and that was it. Great start for H. Bailey.

travis denker, he was on there, he was waiting for me:
1. Nine runners LOB for the R-Sox.
2. Randor Bierd! My first time seeing Bierd pitch and it was pretty good: three scoreless, good good innings.
3. Rocky Cherry continues to pare down his ERA with two more scoreless innings. He has not given up a run since May 18th.
4. Recently I mentioned how Fernando Cabrera often looks like he's about to doze off in the dugout. Well, tonight it actually happened. He nodded off during the game. Being a fine-ass closer must be exhausting.
5. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to see Homer Bailey pitch. He kind of looks like a vampire, even though I know there are no supernatural occurances in Texas.
6. Jeff Bailey is back in town and in relatively good spirits.
7. Sandy Madera is on the disabled list and back to work as the bullpen catcher. Are you kidding me? I hope Boston's saving a lot of money by not hiring an actual bullpen catcher.
8. Kevin Barker, still hanging in there. I'm sure this guy will eventually end up in Pawtucket.

Tomorrow! Justin Lehr and Enrique Gonzalez! I would love to see a strong start from Gonzalez. Maybe I'll go to the game!


Today I enjoyed this post from Toeing the Rubber.

Coincidentally, "Buck Coats" brought me this PawSox poster and we hung it up at work. An informal poll amongst the ladies ensued and Chris Carter won the "Who's the hottest?" competition by a landslide. Clearly, they have not seen his unflattering insta-snap!

I voted for Fernando Cabrera, of course. Jeff Natale got one vote for "looking friendly" and Charlie Zink got one vote. A couple of people felt that no one on the team was cute at all. In my opinion, there's a steep dropoff after Cabrera. But then, I also think the pitching coach is the second hottest, so what's wrong with me?

By the way, in case you're wondering what's up with Travis Denker, you should know that the roster picture is an improvement. And also, that's what Sean Danielson kind of looked like last year.

In other news, franchise stealth-jerk Jeff Bailey is back with the sophomores. Bailey, don't take it out on your teammates. You know what else? I recently realized that Bailey must have caught guys like Lester and Papelbon and Cla Meredith back in the Portland days. Kinda weird to think about.

Remember Bill Hasselman? I loved that guy.

6.1.09 Boston and Pittsburgh wanna-bes face off AGAIN.

Boston wannabes WIN! 4-2. Sorry, troubled franchise. Not even Ty Taubenheim and his giant wiener can save you.

Charlie Zink pitched 5 2/3 innings with two walks, which is on the modest side for him. Zink kept Indianapolis scoreless until the sixth inning, when Garrett Jones hit an RBI double and Neil Walker hit an RBI single to get Indy on the board with a pair of runs.

During that sixth inning, Steve Pearce was caught stealing for the second time. I know it's not hard to steal on a knuckleballer, so nice work Dusty Brown!

Billy Traber and Fernando Cabrera combined for 3 1/3 innings of scoreless relief.

Indians starter Ty Taubenheim was so-so. Two walks and eight hits led to a couple of Pawtucket runs during his 5 1/3 innings of work. Reliever Jason Davis, who is surprisingly just as massive as Taubenheim, continued to be moderately ineffective for Indianapolis and gave up the other two runs in the seventh. A couple of walks, an error, and a couple of sacrifice plays put Pawtucket ahead for good. Sorry, I have no further details.

Number of Pawtucket runs scored by sac method (or productive out, if you will): 3 out of 4. So it wasn't a blazing offensive display. Second verse, same as the first.

two things:
1. Travis Denker went 2-4 with a double. Denker also played third base for what I think is the first time this year. Chavez played short and Velazquez played second. They should have put McAnulty in center if they wanted to go full-bore wacky!
2. Ron Johnson was just kidding: everyone went back to their normal infield positions for a stronger defense in the eighth inning. Billy Traber needed it. Fernando Cabrera did not. Oooh, burn!
3. A terrific game account here. With photos!
4. And some good photos here. Check these out if you're into ballpark hopping. I am, a little.

And road trip over! I was going to go to the airport with my family and wait for everyone with some colorful balloons and hand-made signs, but then I realized I could stay home and eat bonbons while watching reality TV. But you go ahead and use my idea.

Tonight: Bowden and his strong core v Homer Bailey (allegedly). I'll see you there! I can't wait!


Norwich baseball

I attended the Sea Dogs game yesterday in Norwich, Connecticut. You can read about it here on the Defenders blog. You can also read about some shady dealings and bad decisions involving the park and its ownership and so forth.

I'm not really sure what's going on over there, but it looks ugly. Suffice it to say I won't be attending any Portland Sea Dogs games there after this year.

At least I have a hat to remember the once proud San Francisco Giants double-A team.

5.31.09 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Indianapolis Indians - Indianapolis is in Indiana!

Pawtucket finally wins and breaks the three-game losing streak. 7-5 Sox.

Lefty Kris Johnson and his Tims, his baggy jeans, his thug appeal pitched 4 2/3 innings, sucking 107 pitches out of the boy. Holy crap. Johnson was all over the place, not throwing strikes, same old.

Johnson walked five guys and gave up five runs (three earned) on six hits. That's a total of 21 walks v. 33 strikeouts so far this year. I'm gonna stop right there, stats-wise, because I don't care that much.

Fortunately, Pawtucket kept pace with Indianapolis throughout the first five innings, pulling ahead at the top of the fifth with a couple of walks that led to Iggy Suarez' two-run double. Holy crap, the bottom of the order drove runs in!!!

With the game score at 6-5, Chris Carter singled in an insurance run at the top of the eighth, scoring Fly Freddie Guzman. And there lies the final score, 7-5. Marcus McBeth got the last out in the ninth for the save, after Javier Lopez miraculously got the two lefties out at the top of the ninth.

two things:
1. It's funny how the rare times when Pawtucket scores more than three runs in a game, the pitching fails. So funny I forgot to laugh.
2. Rocky Cherry continues to be a great reliever, pitching an inning and a third with no hits or walks or anything.
3. Vaquedano yanked KJ out of the driver's seat in the fifth inning and seized the steering wheel. He pitched 2 1/3 innings of scoreless relief. Vaquedano was NOT going to prolong the losing streak! NO!! Vaquedano also picked off the speedy Luis Cruz at third base. YES.
4. Indy starter Eric Hacker struggled as well, only lasting four innings and walking half the park (7 walks all told).
5. Maldonado is back! Maldonado went 0-5 with a strikeout, but it's okay, he's warming up.
6. Angel Chavez and Dusty Brown had the night off. Van Every has a sore something or whatever and has missed a few games while he gets better.
7. Holy hell: Paul McAnulty tripled! That must have been really funny.

Tonight! Ty Taubenheim and Knight Rider will face Charlie Zink, who hopes to keep rolling. I love Ty Taubenheim!