6.16.09 v Charlotte (Game 2)

3-2 Pawucket in seven innings.

Charlie Zink was supposed to start this game. Suddenly, right before the game started, Rocky Cherry came out to the mound and started warming up. WHAT.

Zink was sitting in the dugout messing with a bat, stretching, just kind of hanging out. He looked normal. So I don't know what happened.

So game two was a bullpen game started by Rocky Cherry, with spectacular long relief by Jose Vaquedano and Ultimate Closing Power with Fernando Cabrera.

Charlotte scored first in the second inning. With one out, special guest star Wilson Betemit hit a single. Brent Lillibridge follows with a double and Michael Negron gets to first, thanks to a Velazquez fielding error. Betemit scores, Lillibridge over to third.

A subsequent passed ball (Dusty Brown) scores Lillibridge to give Charlotte the 2-0 lead.

Round come the fourth inning, Freddy Guzman led things off with a walk and Chris Carter homered a little later in the inning to tie the game. The homer was almost an out, really, because massive left fielder Michael Restovich got a glove on it, but that just kind of tipped the ball over the wall, into the bullpen. Pffft. Cheap. Michael Negron would have had it.

Bottom of the fifth inning, with Dusty Brown on second base thanks to a double, Travis Denker hit an RBI double to score Brown. 3-2 Pawtucket and that's how the game ended.

my voice is average?
1. Bubba Bell played right field in this game. Finally.
2. Paul McAnulty played left field and made a great inning-ending catch of a Josh Kroeger fly ball in the fifth. McAnulty is not exactly an outfield gazelle, so I could not help but laugh a little. Still, a great play.
3. Jeffrey Marquez got the start for Charlotte. He also got the loss.
4. Jose Vaquedano was a serious champ out there. Three innings of perfection and strength. Three up, three down. His mother should be proud of her boy.
5a. It was Armed Services Night.
5b. Pawtucket wore alternate red jerseys. They are not that cute.

See you tonight!

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