Enrique Gonzalez just wants a bit part in my life.

Seriously, how did you make it without me? NORFOLK TIDES 2009!!!!

I had a great time down south, the weather was luscious! I felt like the sun was trying to stab me to death!

In a surprise twist, I once again lodged at the same inn as the Red Sox. Many of the extras in my personal life movie were played the team and co. Mostly non-speaking roles (Man with Laptop, Lefty with Pancakes, Jock on Phone #1, Jock on Phone #2, Jock on Phone #17), but one paid speaking role (Man on Elevator with Fast Food). It was neat... ish. It does make me uncomfortable, like, do I look like a creepy stalker?

And then I always think, only because I am a woman do I have to worry about that shit. It doesn't help that I get allegedly mature people saying "OOOOH YOU WANT TO MARRY JEFF BAILEY!!11!!!??" or "YOU KNOW A LOT ABOUT THE PAWSOX, STALKER!!!!"

"YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!" is another favorite. They're probably just jealous.

This has nothing to do with baseball, but Norfolk has a top-notch public trans system. Better than Boston. Yeah, I said it.GO HRT!!!!! Look at the guy in the picture, he LOVES it... all over your face!


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Jenks said...

Wow. I have to apologize for egregious exclamation point use.