I was at the PawSox five-inning rainout the other day. Charlie Zink's muffleball was so soft and floaty and effective... for a few innings. And then the rain intensified and Zink was foundering. He was all slick and his wet jersey clung to his body in alluring fashion. Then he gave up a grand slam after pitching coach Rich Sauveur gave him a pep talk on the mound or whatever.

Nothing has really been going Zink's way this season. And after that grand slam, I wondered what would happen if Zink had just left the game. Just said... eff this... and walked off the field. Has a pitcher ever done that?

And yet, Zink perseveres for very little reward. Currently, he's on the Lowell Spinners roster to make room for Javier Lopez. I guess that's baseball. I don't think I could handle that kind of stuff. I'd be crushed, miserable, ANGRY!

Yesterday I was wondering what happened to Chris George. Turns out he's been released. So where's Robert Coello? Has anyone heard from Hansack? Zach Daeges?

Things might be down around here for a little while. I will try once more to link this site to my domain name. And then vacation.

At least I have a keyboard now. You try typing with no 'n', 'b', or a spacebar! And a sticky "CTRL" key!

PS Found this interesting comment on Boston.com:

"Lowe did everything with respect. He knew as well as anyone that Boston has the worst fans. Maybe not the worst but no real good fans.

Everyone in Boston is selfish, jerks (I'm from Cambridge...) but when players aren't allstar hall of famers, the Boston fans hate them. There is no loyality with the fans that sit at fenway. NO ONE CARES ABOUT ANYTHING except winning.

I have given up on Fenway, with all the posers and the suits. No one knows who is in the minor leagues, who played pre-championships, no one knows...

So there you go, you are tell me he is an Icon in Boston? Go hang out in the wall with Manny cause you don't have a clue. There are no Icons in Boston, there are only sports writer trying to keep their jobs and fans who are too lazy to do anything but care about winning."

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