Carlos Maldonado has a posse.

6'1"! 240 lbs!

Carlos Maldonado, when he's not in the game, which is almost always, will sit on the far end of the bench (closest to the outfield and bullpen) for what seems to be the entire game.

His posse includes: Enrique Gonzalez, Fernando Cabrera (who seems to feel that he's way too cool to sit in the dugout with the other scrubs), and Angel Chavez to a lesser extent. They all cluster together like they're at a cliquey cafeteria table.

Freddy Guzman will occasionally pop in to say a few words. I think Maldonado's a cool guy and he should probably mix it up a little.

Oh, by the way, Fernando Cabrera is a furious nose picker. Still, he's a total MILF.

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