Today I enjoyed this post from Toeing the Rubber.

Coincidentally, "Buck Coats" brought me this PawSox poster and we hung it up at work. An informal poll amongst the ladies ensued and Chris Carter won the "Who's the hottest?" competition by a landslide. Clearly, they have not seen his unflattering insta-snap!

I voted for Fernando Cabrera, of course. Jeff Natale got one vote for "looking friendly" and Charlie Zink got one vote. A couple of people felt that no one on the team was cute at all. In my opinion, there's a steep dropoff after Cabrera. But then, I also think the pitching coach is the second hottest, so what's wrong with me?

By the way, in case you're wondering what's up with Travis Denker, you should know that the roster picture is an improvement. And also, that's what Sean Danielson kind of looked like last year.

In other news, franchise stealth-jerk Jeff Bailey is back with the sophomores. Bailey, don't take it out on your teammates. You know what else? I recently realized that Bailey must have caught guys like Lester and Papelbon and Cla Meredith back in the Portland days. Kinda weird to think about.

Remember Bill Hasselman? I loved that guy.


Vanessa said...

OK. I just spent like 15 minutes studying this picture...it was kind of tough cause it's small and when I zoom in, it makes it blurry BUT...
I agree. Cabrera has to be the most tradtionally good-looking. I also like Zink. Carter -not so much, he looks creepy to me. Who is the third row down, fourth pic. in? Looks like 54 but I can't make out the name. I think he's lookin' pretty cute in a Bellhorn kinda way.

Jenks said...

I made it bigger!

The guy you are talking about is Travis Denker. He's 23 and usually plays second. He looks like a typical California mall rat.

Chris Carter is a little creepy. He doesn't do anything for me.

Charlie Zink isn't bad.

Honorable mention to Hunter Jones, if you like the oafish type.

Vanessa said...

Dusty Brown is looking better in the new image...I love this game!

I loved Hasselman too.

Jenks said...

Dusty Brown's eyes are a little too close together for my taste. He's having a baby soon.

By that I mean his ankles are swollen and he cries all the time.

Look at Billy Traber's head... it's fucking SQUARE!!!

Charlie Zink has a really good frame.