nauticus: three baseball games in brief (no co-ordinates available)

1. Game one, June 23rd: Pawtucket @ Norfolk.
Matchup: RHP Charlie Zink v RHP Chris Tillman. 6-5 Pawtucket in ten innings. Bubba Bell hits his first AAA home run in the top of the tenth, giving Pawtucket the lead and the win. I missed it because I was in the bathroom. Typical me. And! Travis Denker initiated a triple play and it was very exciting. Travis Denker is A-OK.

When we got to the park, it was CRAZY! Very crowded with snake-long lines for food. I kept seeing people with pyramids of foil-wrapped hot dogs. I asked the gent in front of me if there was some kind of hot dog promo. Turns out it was 'Turn Back the Clock' night and dogs and popcorn and other crap was 25 cents. Geez, good thing I don't eat meat.

As I was buying a beer, I felt an almost overwhelming sense of deja-vu. Where am I? I have been here before. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I swear, I'd bought this same beer from the same vendor with the same field view.

Then I remembered: Syracuse. This is like the same exact park as Syracuse. Except far less depressing. No, I will not stop bagging on Syracrap.

You would not have believed how many Red Sox fans there were! Like, with the jerseys and whole families geared up and the chanting 'Let's Go Red sox!' and all of it. And wanna hear my theory? The tides were a long-time Mets affiliate. Mets fans hate the Yankees. The Red Sox took the Yankees down in 2004 and made the Norfolkians very happy.

2. Game two, June 24th: Michael Bowden v Carlos Hernandez. 4-2 Norfolk.

Joey Gathright is on the Tides, did you know that? I love Gathright.

Pawtucket did not score until the ninth inning. It was a nice night for an evening.

3. Game three, June 25th, Gonzalez v Pauley. 7-4 Pawtucket.

David Pauley? Wicked nice guy. I almost wanted him to crush Pawtucket, but alas.

This was a blistering hot day game. I got all burnt and broke out in hives on my thighs. This has happened to me before. Fernando Cabrera continues to be a dream closer and has not yet blown a save. I saw Nandy on TV last night being interviewed and he said he "really, really likes" being a closer. Well, I 'really, really like' watching him pitch. Oh my god.

I guess that's it. In short, Harbor Park is an ordinary park with cool views and a great fan base. I had a great time.


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