shit at the plate

I had this brilliant idea where I was going to make some stupid case for dropping Jeff Bailey in the order.

I was going to point out all the players who had a higher OBP.

That would be John Otness, who has only played in seven games.

Paul McAnulty has a lot more walks... 33 to Bailey's 24. But McAnulty blew away the competition in K's, with 69. The guy in second place, Dusty Brown, has 49. Yikes!

The Red Sox are 40-34, which is a real testament to its pitching. Seriously. The next time you see Enrique Gonzalez or Rocky Cherry or Vaquedano or Michael Bowden, you'd better drop to your knees.

The next time you see a position player, give 'em a kidney shot. Tell 'em Trot Nixon sent you.

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