Tornado warnings for the Durham area almost ruined my trip.

Bryce Brentz played right like he was five beers deep. However, he made one decent third-out catch and seemed pretty pleased with himself as he ran off the field. I know I was pleased.

My sister and I thought this guy was cute. Something George. That's the story behind this picture. As you can see, our seats were right behind the Aces bullpen.

"Blah blah rain yee-haw! Beer huntin' tits! Dude! Porn hotsauce LIFTWEIGHTS."

Grounds crew meeting! Looks like a real sausage fest.

Love the cas guy in the background.


Chris Hernandez is tangentially involved in a conversation.

Classic Kroenke!

Andy LaRoche and some other guys. Nate Spears is number 3.

All I can see is hair.

Outside the DBAP. Some woman behind us in line talked about the concession stands in great detail, describing what each one sold and rating the deliciousness. Since I am not Southern, I just kept waiting for her to stop talking. She didn't so I just walked away eventually... "Oops, line's moving!"

Also, behind us in the beer line was a couple and the dude was originally from Pawtucket! So that was cool.

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