6.9.07Pawtucket Red Sox v. Ottawa Lynx (PHI)

Ottawa WINS! 6-2

Jon Lester went 2 2/3 innings, giving up five hits and three runs. RJ says he gave him the hook because he knew Lester didn't have it and they are still being somewhat careful with him. Lester does not like being taken out of the game. Burns, Hansen, Corey, Hughes. Burns gives up two runs, Hansen one. God, those guys are the two worst relievers! The amazing T. Hughes' ERA is a paltry 1.02

Lester was opposed by righty Bubba Nelson. Nelson is from Maryland, which is not technically within the boundaries of Bubba Territory, but we'll let it slide because he looks ugly and stupid enough. Bubba only gave up one run through five innings, but he threw like 102 pitches. That means Pawtucket probably left a lot of guys on base. Jason Anderson took over for Nelson. Then Matt Smith. Then A. Garcia. Good job, Lynx bullpen!

Jeff Bailey hit a home run. The media declined his requests for an interview after the game. George Kottaras singled in a run but he also grounded into a double play, which nearly cancels that out.

Jacoby Ellsbury walked in the first.

Lynx shortstop Danny Sandoval had 3 RBI!

Okay, I don't know:
1. Danny Sandoval had problems getting out of Venezuela this spring due to 'mistaken identity' problems. So he was late for Phillies camp. Venezuela sounds crazy!

I'll be at the park Monday and Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday and Thursday! xoxo

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