The very last Richmond Braves game of the year.

And Pawtucket loses! LOSES! 3-1 Your fathers are all DISAPPOINTED in you, SONS!

LHP Abe Alvarez v. RHP Kevin Barry who went to Rider College. Do you know Kevin Barry? I think I do.

Alvarez pitched 6 2/3 innings and gave up two hits and a run. Edgar Martinez came in in the seventh with the bases left loaded by Alvarez and walked in a run. He returned in the eight and allowed another run. Breslow, Craig pitched the ninth and held the Braves scoreless, but the damage was done and the park was filled with Sad Dads. And Edgar Martinez... your father cries for what you could have been.

Kevin Barry pitched seven scoreless innings and struck out six Sox. YEAH, baby! Then Will Startup, whose father Ken was present in the stands behind the visitors' dugout, pitched the eighth. Startup was startled out of his Christian reverie on the mound when Alex Prieto homered off him. Uh-oh! It didn't matter. Manny Acosta came in a little later and was equally hit-stingy
Pawtucket offense was Prieto's home run. No mas, really.

Richmond - Martin Prado and Doug Clark doubled. No Corky today.

I love you, Dad:
1. Kevin Cash was the Pawtucket catcher today, but I think RJ was half in the bag when he had George Kottaras PINCH HIT FOR CASH IN THE NINTH. Maybe he thought, hey, let's get Mr. Walk-Off up in there. But I think the box score says it best: "Kottaras struck out for Cash in the ninth". HA!
2. Here's your lineup:

Ellsbury DH
McEwing 3B
Murphy CF
Tucker LF
Moss RF
Bailey 1B
Scales 2B
Cash C
Prieto SS

I never really thought that RJ would DH Ellsbury, but it did follow since he'd rotated the DH spot amongst the other two outfielders. I alluded to this yesterday because I am wicked smart.

3. Attendence today: 10,770 - quite a crowd for little McCoy.
4. Forgot to mention that the pitch speed displayer in right field is still not working. Also, the Braves did not have photos to put up on the scoreboard. I hope someone loses their job over this!
5. Abe Alvarez was allegedly pitching well.
6. Is it just me, or should they stick Edgar M. back in Portland and let him pitch himself into a semblance of goodness there?

Okay, PawSox gone and not back until June 26 for hot, naked, wet Norfolk Tides action. See you then! And good luck, Corky Miller!

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Dawg said...

Pretty funny. I love Startup's delvery - disco speed karate kick. Only thing missing is a loud "HYAA!"