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Last night's game was really good. Yes, Boston lost, but wasn't that a good game? Was anyone awake for the whole thing? Oh, the A's and their little white sneakers! I miss Ken Macha.

Jason Kendall has the lowest OBP in the majors. Don Orsillo told me so.

I love how during Sunday Night Baseball, there was SO much talk about ARod and how he was holding up and how his busted affair was affecting the team... and P Gammons was all, "He is in good spirits" etc. Not ONCE did anyone address the fact that WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG. You know, I am so glad that ARod's in good spirits. But, hello, he is an adulterer... what about his wife, his wife's family? You're not supposed to have a secret girlfriend, ALEX. I may have mentioned something like this in a Derek Lowe-style topic.

During the White Sox game last night, Rick Sutcliffe was talking a little bit about how ARod sort of sucked the life out of the Mariners and Rangers. It was rather awesome. He did not bring up George Clooney, however.

Got my Mets tickets yesterday. Still don't have an official second. I may have to take my stupid cousin after all.

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Jere said...

I heard the Sutcliffe talk, too. He seemed really upset about it!

So, I agree about what you said about A-Rod. It seems like anyone who did bring up the actual fact that he's currently in *two* "relationships" mainly focused on: "How stupid are you, to go out in public." Almost acting like that's the main issue--like, if he had kept it secret, they'd be okay with him cheating on his wife. Terrible.