my dear diary... it's just you and me tonight.

It looks like the 'Talkin Paw Sox' blog has fizzled out. I took another look at it and you cannot convince me that it wasn't someone within the organization. It's just awfully dry for a blog.

Okay, I just looked up 'Gary Arruda' and he works at a radio station. So maybe not.
Maybe he just found out that YOU CANNOT JUST START A PAWSOX BLOG AND BE HALF-ASSED ABOUT IT. It takes a lot of time and effort and crystal meth.

I started out blogging about miscellaneous things, even personal stuff, but the focus gradually became the Pawtucket Red Sox. It's just better that way. But even if I'm just writing about baseball, it IS personal and that cannot be helped. If the text wasn't suffused with a human element, then you might as well have been reading Arruda's blog. Or a newspaper. Because I don't play that shit. The last thing I want to do is be a baseball smarty-pants and take myself too seriously. What's more unfun than that?

------ Speaking of radio, there's a commercial I've been hearing for Rio Roses that consists of one guy asking another guy if he wants to go to "the game" with him. And Guy #2 says, wow, I'd love to but my wife won't let me. So Guy #1 says his wife used to be the same way, but now he gets her a bouquet and she's much more permissive. Wow, says Guy #2, thanks for the tip!

And then the commercial goes on to say that Rio Roses will get your wife to let you go fishing or play golf or whatever.

This has got to be one of the most insulting and offensive commercials I have ever heard. Fuck Rio Roses. Don't go there. Assholes.


Jere said...

You mean I can "escape" the "chains" of the person I have nothing in common with yet CHOSE to life the rest of my life with? Just like on TV? Woohoo! Thank you, Rio Roses.

Dear Rio Roses: I have a mistress. Will Rio Roses make my wife allow this? --Alex R., New York, NY

Dear Rio Roses: I treat my wife as a doormat. Will Rio Roses help her to go along with this behavior with less yelling? I don't like when she tries to yell back. --Stew P., New Paltz, NY

Dear Rio Roses: I hate my stupid wife. Will Rio Roses cover up the smell of her dead body? I'd really like to have sex with my mistress after the murder and I don't want her to notice. Also, golf. --Rod B., Boston, MA

Jenks said...

For quality spousal submission you can trust, ask Rio Roses!