6.14.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Richmond Braves

RHP David Pauley v. LHP Dan Smith, 4-2 Pawtucket on Armed Services Night.

Pauley pitched six innings. Four hits, one run, one walk, 5 Ks. Thanks for a successful outing. I feel as though I have overlooked Pauley because of his AAA-ness. Pawtucket's favorite lefty reliever Craig "T." Breslow followed with a dazzling, solitary inning of run-free dual strikeoutosity. Craig Hansen, who enrages me with his inability to find the strike zone, came next and was ineffective. Of his 24 pitches, nine were strikes. He also allowed a run and walked two. All in one inning! Hansen has been a C-minus student in Pawtucket.

Pawtucket badass Travis Hughes polished off the cake in the ninth. We should bring him up to Boston! If only!

Dan Smith was removed from the game after 5 four-run innings. He was relieved by Brad Nelson, who finished out the game and allowed no additional runs.

Jacoby Ellsbury enjoyed his fourth multiple hit game in a row, with two doubles. He also stole a base. Bobby Scales and David Murphy also doubled. Kevin Cash walked three times.

The Braves had a few scattered hits/walks. The sole creator of a XBH was former Oriole Larry Bigbie, who doubled in the second.

I love you (for sentimental reasons):
1. Bigbie! I loved/hated him in Baltimore, so it was cool to see him minty fresh at McCoy, newly traded from the PCL 51's. The name on his uniform had the high gloss of iron-ons, rather that the stately stitched-on letters.
2. Corky Miller, whose uniform pants defy explanation, worked as first-base coach for a few early innings. I can't help but wonder how huge and hairy his ass is. I don't know why. He chatted it up a lot with first baseman Jeff Bailey, and you just know they spent many a summer evening post-game last year smoking doobs and drinking Coors Lite out on the deck.
3. Richmond reliever Brad Nelson does not mess around. I can't remember ever seeing an IL pitcher working that quickly!
4. It certainly was cold at the park!
5. The Pawtucket bullpen shared a styrofoam toast right before gametime. That would be Brian Corey, Hughes and Hansen, Breslow, Delcarmen, and Burns. I do not know what they drank, but.
6. It still bothers me to see such young veterans, especially the wounded. The term "ultimate sacrifice" disturbs me as well.
7. Iker Franco was Richmond's catcher. Rhymes with 'seeker'. Gregor Blanco played center. Iker and Gregor! I wonder if they are friends in real life?

I was a little under the weather today. Went to the game but I'll get to it tomorrow or something.

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