Portland Sea Dogs last night.

So I went and saw the Sea Dogs last night. I was surprised and very pleased to see Dave Gassner, one of my favorite minor league pitchers. Looks like he's fallen on hard times! What's more, how did I not know he'd been signed by Portland?

Not much to say about the game. The Defenders wailed on Gassner pretty good. The Sea Dogs seem insanely merry. Bubba Bell did not play. It was good to see Sandy Madera.

The Defenders have this guy, Olmo Rosario. You have to meet him.

Also, the visitors' bullpen is oddly constructed. In the latter innings I noticed that someone had written "NEED BEER!!" on the wall of the bullpen in chalk. Two-foot high letters. I am pretty sure the Portland relievers were responsible. I felt a little smug as I drank my own beer. I should have walked over and drank it in front of those bitches.

I think I'm going to Manchester Friday night to see the Fisher Cats and the Rock Cats (AA affiliate of the Twins).

Oh, one last thing: CUTTER. You seriously need to tone it down. Mascots are great when they're kind of strolling around hugging children. But for the love of god, please stop dancing on top of the dugouts during the game. YOU ARE IN EVERYONE'S WAY.

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