6.24.08 Pawtucket Red Sox win again@!$%&*!!!

Fifth game in a row.6-1.

I'm going to do this as quickly as possible and I am going to STOP! when the time comes because I have to get ready and go. GO!

Devern Hansack had another strong start, pitching eight scoreless innings, giving up two hitsand striking out four batters. He did not walk anyone. Wow, that certainly came from out of nowhere!

Jose Vaquedano kicked off the ninth inning with a pair of singles and a walk. And then he hit the next batter, Jason Perry, which brought the run home. It must have been pretty jarring to be cruising through eight innings and then next thing you know, your reliever has the bases loaded and looks like crap out there. Vaquedano needed 28 pitches to get that final out, but all's well that ends well and everyone went home happy.

Richmond countered with lefty Jonathon Roewenhorst. JR only lasted 3 1/3 before getting pulled in favor of reliever Chris Resop. 'Resop' is 'poser' spelled backward!

Former PawSox great Andy 'Andrew' Shibilo pitched the remainder of the game.

Jed Lowrie hit a home run and Dusty Brown went 2-3 with THREE RBI! Brownie also hit a ball way out into right field but Jason Perry REALLY lost track of it and it fell in about 18 feet behind him, close to the corner. How embarrassing! Everything was coming up Dusty last night. George Kottaras turned to Jonathan Van Every in the dugout and said, "It's funny how you can be surrounded by hundreds of people and still feel so alone."

1. Roewnhaus or whatever has a crazy-ass delivery!

TIME. Pencils down. BYE!!!

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