he sure tried hard to be cool

Brandon Moss is the IL batter of the week. He hit three home runs in one game on Saturday, which ties Izzy Alcantara's record. He's also batting like .400 or something.

I like how Moss was not called up in favor of Chris Carter because they're hell-bent on him being a first baseman. They are just NOT going to allow him to railroad his progress by playing in the outfield. I don't know why this bothers me so much, since I've seen a lot of players have their positions converted. I think it's because they're doing it in a dickish way. Maybe Moss should do an image overhaul... you know, go from being the sweet blonde kid who's just happy to be playing to a raging asshole who bitches about playing time and whatnot. Maybe then the Red Sox would either tell Moss what they're planning on doing with him OR JUST FREAKING MOVE HIM ALREADY!!!!

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