I read Mike Lowell's book. It wasn't very good. I do appreciate his cancer struggles and believe me, I do truly love Lowell and have been a fan of his since he was on the Marlins with Conine. But $25 dollars for largish print and uninteresting baseball stories? The book could have been about anybody.

"I was small for my age and no one believed in me. My father taught me so much and he is my hero. I had that one coach one time who told me something that changed my life. I met my wife in school and she's been my rock! I love my kids. It's been an honor to play for this team. The city and its fans have embraced me. I had a serious injury once and I thought my career was over but I kept working at it and now I'm awesome. MY SISTER IS BLIND IN ONE EYE!!!!"

To hell with autobiographies of baseball players! I fucking quit! I want a biography written by an outsider!

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