I'm never going back! Except in July, I am going back. But after that... NEVER!

Ty Taubenheim used to be on the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. Now he is on the Pittsburgh Pirates. They love him out there. And why not? I love him, too. They sing, "O, Taubenheim' instead of 'O, Tannenbaum'. The Pirates just won in the 13th, a Jason Bay walkoff. Stone. Cold.

The Fisher Cats beat the Rock Cats 3-2. It was Jacoby Ellsbury bobblehead night. I didn't think I'd get one since I was held up in traffic but it rained pretty good and I have one. Want it? Wanna buy it off me?

I thought I could just ride 93 all the way down, through Boston to RI, and make it home lickety-split. WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! I'm never taking 93 through Boston ever again.

I bought my Eastern League All-Star Game tickets. It will be July 17th. The tickets have a big, reflective circle right in the middle of them. Like a little mirror. Maybe so you can gaze at it and imagine YOUR HEAD HERE on the all-star ticket?

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