6.27.08 EDGAH! is having Wings for supper.

Pawtucket wins again! 4-2

Edgar Martinez has had decent success as a starter. Although he's not going deep into games, he's getting outs and that's what matters in ball games. OMG COORS LITE AND LAWN TRACTORS!!!!

Sorry, I was channeling a radio jock. Subsequently, I have ragged on Martinez quite a bit as a reliever. But a five inning scoreless start? I'll take it. And five Ks!

Tejera gave up one run in two innings work. Asencio gave up the second run and Hunter Jones closed it out with a scoreless ninth.

Rochester's Danny Graves gave up nine hits in six innings, but only two runs. William Domingos "Ricky" Barrett pitched two innings and gave up the third run. Carmen Cali and Julio DePaula comprised inning nine. Cali gave up the final run, but that's okay because he has high self-esteem and is pretty and popular.

George Kottaras had a good night, going 3-4 with a double and a home run. God, he is an ANIMAL!! Joe Thurston went 3-5 with a double. Chad Spann? Oh, he went 0-4 with three strikeouts. My man! At least Pritzy only had one K!

Designated hitter Randy Ruiz hit a solo home run off Miguel Asencio.

by the way:
1. I don't feel like making the little lineups with paint. Do you know how much I hate doing that? I really do. So to sum up: Jeff, Joe, Jed... Carter, DH. Kottaras was the catcher. JV is still batting ninth, right after stud third baseman Chad Spann. Stick Pritz and Danielson in there and you've got your nine.
2. Rochester outfield was Darnell McDonald, Pridie, and Denard Span. Not in that order. Velvet Jones practiced his Blue Steel on first base.
3. Ryan Jorgenson was the catcher.
4. As shown in the photo, Denard Span is beside himself with excitement over being named to the US Olympic Trial team.
5. Tonight as in right fucking now the Red Sox are facing righty Kevin Mulvey! Charlie Zink's waxing his head and his surfboard and will also wax those Red Wings batters!!
6. I'm so hungry... like, delirious... dame un burrito, pendejo!
7. Check out Rochester's really great web site. You can watch videos and read a whole lot. I like when Pawtucket plays Rochester because there's so much more coverage of the team than say, Indianapolis or Ottawa.

I gotta go.

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