Brockton Rox v. Les Capitales de Quebec

Brockton WINS! 6-3

I know most people don't care about Can-Am baseball, but I always enjoy myself immensely. Campanelli Stadium is great. I had so much fun last night.

At any rate, not much to say about the game except an outfielder named Tony Gonzalez pinch hit for long-time Roxer Eugene Julien and knocked in his first home run of the year. Gonzalez was invited to spring training by the San Diego Padres this year, but it looks like it didn't work out for him. Also it must be noted that he may be the hottest minor league baseball player I've ever seen in my life. We ran into him at the souvenir shop after the game, still halfway in his uniform with his damn cleats on. I got his autograph on my scorebook. I don't know how that happened, I must have blacked out! Some ladies waited for him outside and shouted, "TONY!" and took his picture. Tony Gonzalez is the Andy Gibb of the Brockton Rox.

So I may have to check out a few more Rox games this summer. I'll try and get a photo of this guy. For purely professional purposes.

PS I have a photo of former PawSox great Lenny Dinardo from poster night '05. Or '06? Whatever year Adam Hyzdu was there. At any rate, there's a woman standing in line wearing a t-shirt that says "LENNY IS A BABE". It just kills me every time because, jesus christ. In a million years I would never go there.

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