7.6.2011 Red Sox @ Chiefs - Zeroes

Felix Doubront WINS! 2-0. And all I asked for was FIVE scoreless! Quote: "Ten Kevin James movie ideas. http://t.co/PldwVNU ...Felix Doubront is pitching tonight! PITCH FIVE SCORELESS, DOUBRONT!"

The real point of all that was the Kevin James thing, which I recommend reading. But the point is that Doubront pitched seven scoreless, throwing 108 pitches... BEAST. Why am I never at these games? Superlative work, Doubront!

Starting pitcher for Syracuse was JD Martin, who's been around a bit and perhaps even slept with a lady. Martin pitched six innings and gave up two runs. Not a lot, but enough. First, Lars Anderson hit a solo home run to center in the second inning. Second, Luis Exposito hit a solo home run in the fifth.

And that was really everything. Tony Pena pitched the last couple of innings, giving up a hit and striking out two. Tony Pena = Fabio Castro? Except righty? Fabio Castro's in the PCL with Tacoma this season... With Manny Delcarmen and Chris Smith! But this isn't about Castro, in spite of my fanhood.

JD Martin took the loss for the Chiefs. JC Romero and Lee Hyde provided three scoreless innings of combined relief, but too late. JC Romero, still kicking around.

Two things:
1. You remember Tug Hulett, right? A little? He's a Chief this season.
2. "I'm Not Gay! - In order to win a cash prize of one million dollars, Kevin James must pretend he is gay. But he isn't!"
3. Is Kyle Weiland going to be pressed into service? Probably. I would watch that.
4. The only other person who got a hit for the Red Sox was Che-Hsuan Lin, who singled in the ninth. That is because he is talented.
5. JD Martin is romantic. And nice.
6. Let's take a closer look at Chiefs second baseguy Steve Lombardozzi.
7. Voice of the Chiefs Jason Benneti rates the Rochester hotel. This guy is my hero. The Pawsox radio guys need to do this as well.
8. "Toll Booth Operator - Kevin James plays a toll both operator who falls in love with a hot blond chick who drives through every day, but cannot leave his booth to pursue her, because he is too fat."

Tonight! Duckworth! Versus IL Pitcher of the Week Tom Milone! Uh-oh, Duckworth. Uh-oh.

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