How to get into McCoy Stadium without paying.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was at a Pawtucket hotel, possibly trying to get to Neil Walker or whatever, and ran into one of the PawSox players. This player was living at the hotel and had no car. Strange, especially considering the guy had played in the majors.

Anyway, the player had been walking to the park every day. So my friend offered to give the guy a ride. Out of gratitude, the player left a couple of free tickets at will-call for my friend.

That man was Jon Lester. Okay, not really. But my point is this: Even though they installed hardcore blockades at the top of the entrance ramps, you can still get into McCoy without paying.

Here are a few examples:
1. Read the Pawtucket paper. Sometimes they have this promotion with local businesses where the businesses will give away general admission tix if you show up in person.
2. Show up a little late. As in, sixth inning late. At that point you should be able to just drift in through the turnstiles.
3. Or just wait at one of the alternate ramps, wait for someone to exit, then slip in. Again, you'd probably need to wait until the later innings. By the way, this is probably illegal and I certainly would not advise anyone to do it.
4. Donate blood! Sometimes there's a bloodmobile parked out front. It only hurts a little. And that blood pressure cuff, ugh. And the squeezing and pumping, ew. Sometimes you break out into a cold sweat, too... Sometimes the needle goes right through your vein! You should see the extensive bruising when that happens!
5. Get a job at the park! You probably won't get electrocuted. LIKE I DID.
6. Be a kid! If you go to public school, camp, are a scout, or go to the library (unless you live in CF, then you're out of luck because THEY CLOSED THE G.D. LIBRARY), then it's a done deal.

What about me? Oh, I get free tickets all the time. The PawSox staff always takes time to tell me how much they enjoy Baseball Heavy. And they're so grateful for the attention I draw to the team and the park. I can't tell you how warm and accepting everyone has been down at HQ.


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