7.21.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Columbus - here we go, here we go, here we go!

4-1 Columbus! Yeah! What bus crossed the ocean now, BEEOTCH?!

I'm not doing a lineup because I hate doing it and it's boring. Imagine the usual suspects, starting with Bailey but not ending in Jonathan. Picture Sean Danielson in his place, playing center field. Same guy except shorter. And a switch hitter. And he looks like he's from California but he's really from Texas. And you love him!

Michael Bowden made his Pawtucket debut. He gave up three runs on seven hits in four innings. The Clippers pretty much got to him right away, kicking off their game with leadoff guy Jorge Padilla singling. The next batter, Roger Bernadina (?), batted in Padilla. It's probably Sean Danielson's fault, since he made some kind of fielding error which put Bernadina on second. Then LAJ stepped up and danced! And doubled.

A visit from Sauveur must have hitched up Bowden's britches well enough for him to knock down the next three batters. Bowden went on to surrender five doubles, all told, one coming off the bat of Calvin Reese. Meaning former Red Sox great Pokey! Remember how much we loved him? He was really country.

Mike Tejera and Eric Hull pitched two innings apiece. Eric who? Hull gave up the fourth run in the seventh inning, when he issued a walk with the bases loaded. Right after a IBB with only one out. That's one hell of a gamble.

Thicky-thick Garrett Mock had a very effective start for Columbus. Mock pitched seven innings and only gave up one run. He struck out five five batters and only walked one. And so he got to select the post-game clubhouse music.

Long-dead composers Wagner and Schroeder pitched some merry relief and allowed no further scoring nonsense from Pawtucket. Three losses in a row! Guys, put yer boots on!

Joe Thurston is responsible for the Red Sox sole RBI. He sac flied Danielson home in the third inning. Sandy Madera and Keith Ginter both went 0-4 with two K's. Sandy, not you, too!

tonight, we rock Portland!:
1. Garrett Mock: "In case you can't tell, I'm a talker. I mean, I'll talk to that wall, and if I've got a way for him to be a better wall, I'll tell him." Yeah, everything's bigger in Texas!
2. Recently I mentioned that Edgar Martinez might be the most handsome man on the PawSox. The truth is... seriously.... pitching coach Rich Sauveur is by far the most handsome. That is my shameful admission. But it's the truth. He is a good-looking man and I dare you to disagree with me.
3. Who the hell is Roger Bernadina? Thanks for asking. He's from Curacao and was inspired to play baseball by his Ma. She played softball for the Netherlands national team. Anyhoo, Bernadina did play in Washington recently but did not fare well. His real first name is 'Rogearvin'. YES.
4. I forgot to mention that Michael Bowden was called up to Rhode Island. Up until, say, two days ago, I was not interested in this kid. And now that I know he grew up poor or something... I'm interested. He looks like he comes from a broken home. And I apologize for calling him a huffer.
5. Sean Danielson is The Man. Hands down.
6. I saw Bubba Bell in Pawtucket. Not in uniform. Don't know what's up, sorry.

This post is officially awesome enough. Talk soon!

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