7.24.08 Pawtucket AT Columbus Clippers - High in the Middle

11-6 Red Sox.

Before I mention Charlie Zink's start, I should point out that Chad Spann started at third in this game and went 2-5 with an RBI double and a three-run homer. That's producing about 36% of the game's run total! Way to go, Spann!

Zink gave up five runs in six innings. The Clippers piled up eight hits against him and struck out five times. No walks were issued by Zink. Pawtucket kicked off the seventh inning by breaking the 5-5 tie, scoring two runs off Ryan Wagner. Wagner gets the loss, Charlie Zink gets the win. California is better than Texas. Syrup is better than jelly.

Lefty Jon Switzer pitched the seventh and eighth innings, giving up the sixth run in the eighth inning. By that time, however, Pawtucket had ten runs so it wasn't a federal case. The very mysterious Eric Hull pitched a scoreless ninth, giving up a double to IL repeat offender William Bergolla.

Okay, let's talk about Clippers starter Marco Estrada. Estrada gave up five runs on six hits. He walked three batters and struck out six. The slowly-simmering Gil Velazquez cranked a homer off him... Estrada remained stoic as Velazquez rounded the bases with barely-suppressed euphoria.

So yeah, Ryan Wagner followed with the game-losing inning. Wagner started to pitch the eighth... it didn't go well. Dusty Brown kicked off the inning with a single, then Velazquez singled, then Chad Spann's home run. You'd think they'd yank the kid, but they left him in to face the mighty, mighty Sean Danielson. But Wagner walked him! He walked Danielson!

Finally, Wagner was replaced by SLC Punk Josh Perrault. Perrault immediately walked the next batter, Jeff Bailey. Thurston up, he reaches on a fielder's choice. Etc.... Perrault had to IBB Chris Carter but he did eventually get out of the inning alive and suppressed the scoring. It was a very serious inning. Corsaletti even came in to pinch run. That's some aggressive management!

Zechry Zinicola gave up the eleventh run in the ninth inning.

Further Pawtucket offense includes Chris Carter tearing it up, going 3-4 with a double and a triple. He also singled, right? So he was a home run shy. Velazquez, Danielson, and Brown all hit home runs.

Jeff Bailey went 0-4 with two strikeouts. Chad Spann and Sandy Madera each made an error. Oops!

it's nice to be nice:
1. Van Every still batting third. When I type this it reminds me of typing "Jeff Bailey still batting leadoff". Maybe I'll start saying "Keith Ginter, still batting 6th".
2. It's nice to see the weirdos in the lower part of the order getting all the goodies in this game. Except Chris Carter, who probably had three bowls of Quarry before the game.
3. Hey, Daniel-San's first home run!
4. Gil Velazquez has been cranking up the hits lately. Which is swell, because Velazquez is really nice.
5. Looks like Ryan Wagner is recovering from a labrum tear.
6. Lastings Milledge completed his rehab assignment with Columbus after this game. Thank you, LM!

No game tomorrow. Friday night the PawSox feat. Paul-E Fresh drop in on Toledo for four games against the Mud Hens. What, those guys again? I don't normally advocate violence toward animals but I hope Pauley wrings the Hens' necks.

See you tomorrow!

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