7.8.08 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Richmond Braves - Holiday Routine

Pawtucket LOSES! LOSES!!!! 7-6 in seven innings. Game one of a double header. I don't much like it but it seems to be your style.

If you notice who pitched for Pawtucket, you'd say, Yup, typical double header. Jon Switzer started, for crying out loud! Switzer, who's usually very good in a quiet, overlooked way, allowed four runs on seven hits. He lasted three innings.

Mike Tejera followed with a couple of innings or so and a couple of runs. Then Jose Vaquedano, who's from Honduras. Vaquedano held tight for a couple of outs. Holdzkom polished it all off by giving up the last run. He does that a lot.

Francisley Bueno started for the Braves. Never heard of him? Here's what the fans had to say. So ask around, check lost and found... put your ear down to the ground! Bueno pitched malo, I suppose, giving up four runs in four innings and walking three PawSox. Two home runs, I should add.

Other pitchers who appeared were Ridgway and Roewenhorst. Neither pitched their innings cleanly but who cares? Richmond won and there were riots in the street.

Chris Carter, Dusty Brown, and Van Every all hit home runs. When asked later how awesome that must have been, they all said it didn't matter because the team lost. Except Dusty Brown, who said, "Yeah, did you see that? Pretty sweet, huh?" He then added that he believed the snack bar was.... THAT way.

Van Every and Jed Lowrie also had a double apiece. Sean Danielson was both picked off and caught stealing. After a long period of doubt and dismay, I have experienced Danielson conversion. I love that boy. I think he's doing a great job.

For the R-Braves, Barbaro Canizares and Carl Loadenthal each doubled.

when I think back two years before, I can't even picture you:
1. Barbaro Canizares made the AAA All-Star team!
2. The radio guys, Hoard and Hyder, pointed out that 'Loadenthal' sounds like a cold medicine. And they call Carl 'Extra Strength Loadenthal'. I strongly recommend PawSox radio broadcasts, if only for 'Stump Steve'.
3. Carl Loadenthal was signed after an open tryout. YES. Miracles can happen.
4. It's unfortunate that Bailey's call-up means more playing time for the non-hitting defensive basket case. Jeez.
5. Although I find it amazing that a baseball player could be from Honduras, I have to remember that they're playing baseball in Belgium and Ireland and Italy and China. And last night when we played baseball, a kid from Lebanon joined us for his second ever time playing. Not that we really played. No one shows up anymore so we just have endless fielding/batting practice. I'm putting it out there: all the formers should come play. Don't make me put an ad up on the internet.

I feel much better. I'm going to do a game summary of Pauley's Syracuse appearance.. later on. Smoke if you got 'em!

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