Eastern League All-Star Game: A Look Back

First and foremost, I'd like to point out that the Reading Phillies' World's Largest Bobblehead, Phil Lee, was the best thing I saw on the field. Hand to God. READING 2009!!!

Congratulations to Manchester's Travis Snider for winning the HRD. Second year in a row that the winner was on the Fisher Cats.

Other than that, nothing much. Many, many, many binder geeks. I ate a baked potato on a very hot day, possibly because I am an unstoppable eating machine.

Oh yeah, there weren't any pay phones in the park or in the adjacent hotel. I had to walk into an office building and the receptionist let me use the phone. Maybe it's time I got a mobile?

AND! If you go to that park, take exit 4 and park on Elm St, near a cheap-o meter if you have to. Then you can cut through the Firestone tire garage parking lot, walk along the fence, and cross the train tracks to get to the park. Look at how much money I saved you for parking!

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