Durham Bulls

PawSox got shut out 5-0 yesterday by Durham Bulls RHP Mitch Talbot. Abe Alvarez started for Pawtucket and topped out at 66.6 MPH. Mostly. It was a very Alvarezy start and the only reason the score wasn't higher was that the Bulls helpfully swung at a lot of pitches. I'm sorry, I just think it's weird to have a starting pitcher who's like 23 years old and has no fastball. And no knuckleball.

They got a smidgen of revenge this evening, getting a 2-1 win. Kason Crappard is now 2-0. That is great. David Murphy batted in Brandon Moss... wait... D-Murph batted in B-Moss in the first. Moss is leading the team in batting average, followed by Jeff Bailey. And Ed Rogers homered in the seventh. There're your two runs.

Bobby Scales doesn't seem to play much. Why is that? Is it because he's nerdy? Does he recommend the piƱa colada Jelly Belly jellybean?

Dustan Mohr plays centerfield for the Bulls. Just think about that for a minute.

The Holy Trinity of Elijah Dukes, BJ Upton, and Delmon Young has flown up and out of Durham. They are appearing as a flame/dove in the Trop lately. And so maybe the Bulls are not so interesting this year. WRONG!!! This year it's all about their pitching! Like Jeff Neimann!

The Durham Bulls' hitting coach is Gary Gaetti. He'll be in Pawtucket May 15-18. Do not miss that series.

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