we have a remedy

Finally, PawSox. Tomorrow. Okay, today. Much like The Thomas Crown Affair (the McQueen version), there will be people scattered throughout the stands that I may be able to give the nod to. My people.

I will be bundled beyhond recognition, as my circulation is sub-par and I tend to get cold. It is not a skinny-girly thing, trust me. I am French-Canadienne and I am rugged and outdoorsy and peasanty. If you are going, please dress warmly and possibly bring a blanket, as it may get below 40.

I Dew not think we Dew.

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Jere said...

My girlfriend has some songs from the Rushmore soundtrack on her iTunes. So sometimes I'll hear one song from it, and when it finishes, my mind will go into the next song from the soundtrack, whereas in real life I'll get a Kiss song or something. Which, you know, provides a fine alternative, but the point of a soundtrack, especially a Wes Anderson one, is to relive the movie through music in the order it appeared on screen. And she thinks it's funny that I get mad that those 15 or so songs aren't always played in the "correct" order.

Have fun at the game. Me and my girlfriend are both Canadian as well. In a way. One of my ancestors has an 8 in her name.