4.5.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Charlotte Knights: I Have a Present

Pawtucket WINS! 7-4

I listened to this game on my little 15 dollar Benny's radio. I wish they could bottle early season crowd noise. Not a huge capacity crowd roar, but just the mellow murmurings of a half-empty stadium.

Brandon Moss sent a very loud message from The Lord with his first inning grand slam. The Knights SP, Heath Phillips, had a shaky first. To say the least.

Lefty Kason Gabbard did a very nice job indeed through five. Three hits, two runs. He did walk three guys, but I'll let that slide. Mike Timlin's one-inning performance was okay. He gave up a couple of hits but didn't allow any runs. He was not sharp.

One of the Charlotte relievers is a guy named Shaun "Scott" Babula. Last year he was pitching for the New Jersey Jackals. He's been all over the place, but never higher than the Astro's AAA team. I like it when someone gets hired out of an independent league. Babula went to Philidelphia Textile College, which I have never heard of and neither have you.

Ed Rogers batted leadoff and I think he's gonna be better at getting on base than Adam Stern was.

Did it snow where you live? It snowed here, a little. What!

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