the sun came out today

As of 4.19.07 at approx. 1300 hrs it has stopped raining in the Blackstone Valley area. The PawSox are duking it out with the cherry-flavored Rochester Red Wings (RIP my beloved Red Wings hoodie) and I am not present. So little to do, so much time.

It's good to be out from under this wet mess. It brings to mind last May and then that other grey, grey month in 2005. Was it October? Spring has its seasons and this is the autumn of spring. Not exactly the crisp joy of October. More like the dull shitheap of November. Thanks.

Word on the street is that Saturday should be somewhat spring-like. I just bought tickets to a FisherCats game up there in Manchester, NH. BITCHIN'! They're playing the Portland Sea Dogs, ever heard of them? Yes. Looking forward to a sunny, tax-free Saturday watching the kids play ball. Plus, free hat!

Later this month, Team T.R.E.N.T. returns in full force. Unfortunately, Mister T.R. decided he no longer needed his shirt. Please do not think that gets you out of your duties, sir.

Let's get this shit rolling already.

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