The Bingo Long Travelling All-Stars and Motor Kings

I loved that movie.

Anyway, I read today that Dennis Boyd has created a barnstorming Negro League-style team called the Travelling All-Stars that'll be playing about 40 exhibition games throughout New England. They'll be playing the Brockton Rox and the Nashua Pride and the New Haven Cutters et al.

I am so excited about this. You can already buy tickets. Oil Can is one crazy dude.

I am so excited.


Jere said...

Was psyched to see the Can on the field Sunday night at Fenway!

Baseball Diva said...

omigod, Sma Horn is on the team!

Jere said...

Was psyched to see Sam Horn in Autograph Alley, Monday night at Fenway!

Anyone else?

Jenks said...

Marquis Grissom is on the team. I was so psyched to see MG during Cactus League ST in '06!

Jere said...

That's my line! It was I who saw Grissom in Cactus League ST in '06.