Last night's starting lineup

Just to give myself and others an idea of what's going on down there, here's your early season Pawtucket lineup.

Ed Rogers SS (This is the speed/defense guy)

David Murphy CF (The tall prospecty guy from Texas with a decent bat, played in Boston like Septemberish.)

Jeff Bailey 1B (Minor league slugger; probably stuck in AAA forever)

Luis Jiminez DH (Big guy in Portland last year)

Alex Ochoa LF (Veteran guy who spent the last few years in Japan)

Brandon Moss RF (Top prospect)

Chad Spann 3B (some kid)

Joe McEwing 2B (Veteran guy who everyone loves. Often described as 'special'.)

Kevin Cash C (backup catcher type)

No time for pitching today. Have fun cramming chocolate in your face tomorrow, yon Catholics!


fansofadam said...

Hey there,
Just discovered your blog -- keep up the great work! See you around McCoy this summer, perhaps!

Jere said...

Oh wow, that started like a spam, but turned out to be real! Oh, wait, that's that Adam Stern blog person. Yeah, definitely see them at McCoy, JS. That'd be me advice.