This is your life... Todd Walker!

Todd Walker shitcanned by San Diego, signed to minor league deal by Athletics. Good luck, Uncle Todd!

Speaking of '03 Red Sox members. This is old news but Scott Sauerback is wicked pissed about the way he was treated in Boston. He says they made him pitch through pain and injury. This is where most people would say, 'Well, he is getting paid millions of dollars and this is the big leagues, guy.' This is where I say I am not surprised. I know it happens all the time but that does not make it okay. I didn't like Sauerback either but that kind of explains why he was so ineffective.

It's slightly alarming how the members of the '04 are slowly starting to retire. In a Hollywood movie, you'd see the guys on the field and in the bullpen and dugout become slo-mo transparent one by one. And there'd be some crappy Counting Crows song playing in the background.

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