4.25.07 Darlington Purple Team v. Fairlawn Orange Team - REAL ULTIMATE POWER

Purple Team WINS! by many, many runs.

My loaner kid was on the orange team and man, she is small. Little League sort of freaks me out because sometimes the kids are like shrunken ballplayers and, let's face it, play better than I do. Like the purple team had this lean, lanky kid throwing sidearm out there and holy crap.

This all went down at Pawtucket's Slater Park, where illicit marijuana use has been taking place for decades.

The kids do get sunflower seeds. I guess they start you off early.

PawSox rained out yesterday, off day today, John Lester tomorrow. And rain.

Boston won last night. That's cool, but I also love Daniel Cabrera and it would have been nice for him to get the win. Poor guy.

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