baseball players' biographies or "auto" biographies I have read

In the order in which I remember them:

Sammy Sosa
Sandy Koufax
David Cone
Rickey Henderson
David Wells
Johnny Damon
Joe Dimaggio (in progress)
Dave Dravecky
Lou Piniella
Ted Williams
Cal Ripken Jr
Mickey Mantle (inc.)
Don Baylor

There might be a couple more, but not many, I don't think. I have a Jackie Robinson book that I just can't read. It is textbook-dry and tough going.

Don Baylor's book is very good. Sammy Sosa's was not.

There's a big fat Ty Cobb book at the library that I should take a stab at.


Jere said...

9 of 13 played in NY.

Novella said...

For the love of all things green - I HATED Johnny's book - and I loved him ...literally ... I was ashamed FOR him with that book ...

JS - I just have to mention - only 17 days until we'll be at the Twins / Red Sox games at HHH ! I will also be there for Saturday and Sunday's games ...

Jenks said...

Oh my god... 9 of 13? I never noticed. What is wrong with me?

Novella... I'm very, very excited. See you there?

Jere said...

The weird thing is, I was sure Dave Dravecky was on the Yanks--and only as I write this do I know I was thinking of Doug Drabek. So it was only 9, not 10, of 13, but, since I hadn't told you that before, it seemed high to you. Like the way you work on a song, and by the time it's ready, you might be sick of it enough to think people who hear it will be, too, until you realize they haven't heard it at all, so it'll be nice and fresh to them, even though to you, they're hearing a much-worked on and updated version. And then you tell them the backstory and it ruins it. And the cycle continues.

Did you two know each other or did I just make a [whatever it's called when people meet up in person after meeting on the web]?

Jenks said...

I don't know Novella except that she's going to be underneath the same big white dome as I am round come Cinco de Mayo.

Also, if I'm addicted to anything, it's sparklers.