they hate us, we hate them

Pawtucket lost last night to Rochester 5-2. That kid Slowey pitched for Rochester and the whole world is in love with him. Rochester is leading the IL. Devern Hansack gave up ten hits and five runs in six innings.

Brandon Moss is quite the little hitter. I am not alone in thinking he will end up in Notsob at some point this year. Either him or David Murphy, but probably Moss. To play in the outfield. Instead of...

Trent Durrington has been activated off the DL so he should be out and about in Pawtucket Friday night. I was getting worried when I wasn't seeing his name in the Bisons' lineups.

Have you ever played Pit? I have only ever played it with my family. We have always had Pit, as long as I can remember, and I'm rather old. It is supposed to be stock market-related but it's really a tenuous connection. It's mostly a lot of screaming and yelling and cards with Wheat and Barley on them and it gets pretty frantic and then you find yourself saying things like, "Who had all the FLAX!!?"

There's nothing like a good round of Pit. Have you ever played Pit?

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