saying goodbye: why is it sad?

It's really too bad that Mike Lowell's career is over. I think we should start looking for a new third baseman. Didn't Hinske play third? At this point, anything's better than Mike Lowell. What a bum. And what a shame: a former Golden Glove winner now completely washed up defensively.

But seriously. You know how every year there's that one guy... when there're men on base and he comes up to the plate and you just go, "Oh, well, inning over." Because you know he's not batting anyone in. This year that guy might be Varitek.

Pawsox kick it off at 7 tonight. I might have to skip out of class early. To listen to it on the radio. Geez, someone's gotta do it.

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Kim said...

I think I might have to agree with you re: Tek. He's not doing the Sox any offensive favors.