"Ah, Ziggy. Will you ever win?"

I used to really like Bronson Arroyo.

I remember him as the skinny kid in Pawtucket with the bad JT hair and the "hi-yaaah" leg kick who pitched a perfect game.

And then exceeding my expectations as a starter in 2004 ... the post-season Yankee K's... all of it. Even earlier this year when I spoiled his near no-hitter in Seattle!

Total plateau-age. I don't expect a lot of innings from him anymore. Not seeing as many strikeouts. His cool confidence is misguided - it's gone toward his oblivious release of a CD stuffed with Jarrod's nightclub cover band music. "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls? Are you freaking kidding me?

Not to mention his Boston Tiger Beat status and the whole partying with blonde college freshmen.

Arroyo didn't clear waivers so I s'pose we're "stuck" with him. I'm expecting more, Loserhead. Please help alleviate my boredom with this lifeless team. One more homestand in Pawtucket and then I might have to move to Mexico for Winter Ball. Otherwise I might have to start watching hockey.