Mike Tamburro doesn't need to wonder, he's doing fine.

Mike Tamburro's going to the International League Hall of Fame.

Let's talk to it!

1. "If Mike Tamburro were to take a page from late night talk show David Letterman and compose a top 10 list based exclusively on all the achievements and accolades bestowed upon him over the years, chances are the exercise would tug at the heart of the team president of the Pawtucket Red Sox." - McGair

2. The Providence paper... ZZZZZ...

Well! Evidently no one else in Rhode Island wants to recognize this accomplishment. What the hell is wrong with people? Mike Tamburro will mop up fruit punch spills on the concourse for YOU. Mike Tamburro took the public's suggestions very seriously at the Hot Stove Party! For YOU.

Tremendous news. Congratulations.

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