Actual Sox Prospects Forum Comments Regarding Garin Cecchini

I was going to write about Bo Greenwell. I was going to write about the 2006 Chicago Cubs Spring Training program (Derrek Lee, LOL!). But then I started reading about Cecchini. A lot. I took away many things, some contradictory, some illuminating, some mystifying. I saw some really embarrassing, snotty behavior from ADULTS who seem to have never learned how to disagree with someone without being an insufferable butthead.

The most discussed topics are: Will Cecchini's power develop? Is he a better choice at third than Middlebrooks? Will the org move him to a different position? Is he the next Bill Mueller?

1. From 9/13: "I think he'll start in Salem and be in line for an early promotion. He'll be on the same path as Jackie Bradley Jr. There b-days are only day apart ironically." How is that ironic?

2.  "Guys, projecting a move for a player below Double-A because of who is on the roster in the major leagues is beyond silly." - Chris Hatfield cannot resist being a chode. Chris Hatfield used to like Mumford and Sons before they were popular, but now they're like so played out. If Chris Hatfield read this, he would probably say, "OH IT'S SO CUTE THAT YOU'RE OBSESSED WITH ME, *SHRUG*."

3. "You are scouting the boxscore a little, no?" - This is so dumb. Not everyone can assess the talent of a prospect by hanging around Carolina ballparks every night.

4. "I could see a future lineup with Cecchini batting 2 and Bogaerts 3 or very possibly Cecchini 3 and Bogaerts 4 as both hit there prime years." 

5. "I think Cecchini would make a great LF. Not sure if he has the pop you look for at 1st, but with his projected OBP, if he could develop 20HR power that may WAR out just fine." - Baseball players are not dolls. You can't hang little plastic briefcases on their wrists and call them lawyers.

6. "So it's worth considering that there will be a point in the season where, should Middlebrooks get hurt, they'd call Cecchini up rather than, say, Brock Holt." - I think this really depends on two things: How late in the season and what the team's record/playoff chances are. And also who the opposing team is. And also this is probably not going to happen.

7. "Can't it be both? Sox can have no interest in moving someone but be willing to do it for the right cost." I would never hold a flamethrower to a baby's head but I would be willing to do it for the right cost.

8. DAAAAAAAMN!!! "Hey Eric, it is probably just me and I am sure that you are a mensa of sorts in sabermetrics, but I have to say that your seeming self-absorption, self-importance, self-aggrandizing and perhaps resulting condescending comments to others here are, for me, tiresome. As a result I find myself bypassing your input valuable though it may be. Just sayin'."

9. "It's hard to walk 100 times when you don't have much power." - ?

10. "I've seen enough of your posting to understand that this type of analysis isn't your forte but do value very much your general input." - You have such a pretty face! And a great personality!

Bottom line is that you have to wait until Garin Cecchini starts in Pawtucket and I get a look at him. Then I'll tell you what to think because all of a sudden I am an expert.

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