4.16.2015 Pawtucket Red Sox v Rochester Red Wings (MIN) - Wide Open

Pawtucket takes it 8-7 after unlikely hero Bryce Brentz hits a walk-off home run. It's funny, I called his first strikeout but maybe this is a new guy.

I noticed a few changes at McCoy Stadium. Everything costs a little bit more and things are slightly souped up. Crowd was a little heavier on the Chipsters. Worst of all, there are giant fucking timers in the outfield and behind home plate. I really had no opinion about the 20 seconds between pitches but now I'm grossed out.

Things that are the same: Jim Martin was there. The french fries. That dude with the acoustic guitar singing GBA. Quintin Berry. Mostly everything else.


review of papersowl.com said...

I would love to watch a game live. Loved playing in school..but have never been to a real game, except watching it on TV. Enjoy :)

americanbluesscene said...

I am sure it would be a good match. Its a great fun watching the match live whatever the game it is. But thanks to media now for giving the live streaming.