I know more about baseball than Gwyneth Paltrow does.

BJ Upton
Matt Garza
Carlos Pena
JP Howell
Gabe Gross

All played at McCoy Stadium. Perhaps Rocco Baldelli attended a PawSox game or two in his youth, I don't know. Or Dan Wheeler, I guess.

Eric Hinske
Carlos Pena
Chad Bradford
Cliff Floyd

All played for the Boston Red Sox. Cliff Floyd hated it here and Boston fans hated him back, but I didn't know better and I thought he was so cool...

On April 19th, 2007, I stated that Matt Garza was a superstar and that he was awesome. Normally I'd point out how prescient I was, but I tend to say that about a lot of people. I do know that he was exciting to watch in those days.

By the way, Almost Everybody: Terry Francona did not lose this series. How thick-skulled can you get?

It's going to be a really great WS. Happy Halloween and such.

OH! We signed Dewon Day! Remember how I called him Dewon 'Fine' Day? I'm sure I'm not the first person to call him that, but guess what?

Who wants to go bowling? You wanna go?

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Unknown said...

Can't believe Tampa is in the World Series. Tampa in the World Series is like inviting your ex to your wedding.

Check it out.