I won't stay in a world without Hyder.

Steve Hyder quit Pawtucket last month. I am not terribly surprised and kinda saw it coming. But what the heck? Who's going to fill his shoes and what will the broadcast sound like? I can't get to sleep! I think about the implications...

Some people find it helpful to make a list. I know I do, which is why my apartment is as neat as a pin without a speck of dust and my bed is always made and such. No crumbs in my keyboard!

Stump Steve:
1. "I did in nine years with the PawSox and 12 years overall, and it's kind of lost its luster,'' said Hyder. "I felt like I didn't get the respect at McCoy Stadium that I've earned elsewhere. Wherever else I go, I'm treated pretty well. I just didn't feel like the PawSox valued my services.'' (here) (True dat.)

2. And Hyder's writing a book! "I kept a very detailed diary of the 2012 season when they won the Governor's Cup, so that's what it will be all about." Can't wait to read it, seriously, and if it never gets finished I will pull his spine out through his butthole. (ibid.)

3. Adam Hyzdu wishes this could have happened sooner.

4. "I was insulted when I wasn't made the lead guy," he said. "I was told my play-by-play wasn't good enough. I'm a finalist for Sportscaster of the Year in Rhode Island again this year." Aaron Goldsmith, you carpetbagging ruiner.

5. Searched for Hyder stuff I'd written, came across this 'wacky' lineup I did last September. There it is, Jen. The funniest lineup you've ever written and no one was around to read it:

6. "I'm 100 percent Team Hyder. Always have been." - J Messy

 Never had the chance to meet Steve Hyder, but I did get to meet players like Royce Ring and John Otness so I guess it all balances out.

See you at Hot Stove, which will by emceed by the next person I hate in my life.

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gojohn said...

Wow..looking forward to they Hyder book