Rain Delay

A long time ago, Gary DiSarcina became the new manager of the Pawtucket Red Sox. And Arnie Beyeler became the Boston Red Sox first base coach.

Since DiSarcina's local-ish, everybody knows him. I remember him best as an occasional co-host of Extra Innings on NESN. This may have occurred back when Bob Rodgers hosted and Tom Caron was doing Heidi Watney work on the field. My feelings toward Tom Caron have not thawed.

Here's a short thing on DiSarcina written by Scott Cordischi. Evidently, no one proofread it. Why not check out Over the Monster instead? Or PawSox Blog?

I look forward to meeting DiSarcina and working with him throughout the season. I know he will consult with me before setting the lineups and provide me with injury reports.

By the way, as I perused the articles on Gary DiSarcina I couldn't help but notice that some people should resolve to either use spellcheck or, say, review their work before submitting it. Come on, everybody. Step it up.

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Josephine J. McMillian said...

Those are one of the days or nights when the rain pours and your team is forced to retire while losing. After the rain, they still lose. It brings me down.